1. Whylee

    Penner tune on a 2023 GT

    I posted on another thread, but I dont want to hijack that thread with my questions. I have a 23 GT and would like to try the penner map. I know nothing when it comes to computers, and all the computer tech talk just confuses me. How do I get the tune, and what is needed on my part so it can be...
  2. Penner map flashed!!

    hi all, I couldnt resist it until warranty expires so i did it. Its a completely different bike. I used TUneecu pro version and removed speed limit and rev limiter. Didnt get chance to check top speed on a straight road. Fingers crossed. Booking Dyno soon to get graphs and stuff. Thankyou Mr...

    Hello All, I found this air filter from DNA which is reusable and adds 5more HP to rocket3r 2022. DNA ROCKET AIR FILTER WEBSITE Now, I am considering following options as I already have werkes exhaust installed. Option 1- Werkes + DNA Filter + Penner map to ECU Option 2- Werkes + DNA...
  4. Thread deleted?

    I tried searching a lot on forum but couldnt find that separate thread where riders logged issues after flashing penner map, is that thread gone or still around? If yes, can you please share the link for that thread? Cheers!
  5. Competition Werkes and Penner map

    Hello All, Can you please tell me if Penner map is working good for you with Werkes exhaust? I am planning to do both things at once on my rocket within 2 weeks so just curious. Cheers
  6. sunny

    Penner map is restricted?

    Hello All, I can not remove speed limit, the speed limiter box is faded out :( , any idea what is going on here? Appreciate your help Regards @vsteel
  7. Dave Platt's "Patriot 3 into 3" exhaust + Penner Tune: dyno tune required?

    Hi, I searched through the forums but I couldn't find the answer... I have an R3 GT with Penner's Tune (USA) and it has been running just fantastic. Now, after almost 6000 miles, I am thinking on getting an aftermarket exhaust to let the beast's voice be heard better. I read in other posts...