1. JMaikellsr

    Any trusted mechanic in West Phoenix area?

    Hello, Do you know of a mechanic west of the Phoenix area who could modify my engine with bigger cams or does maintenance besides Go Az and the like? thanks, John (Buckeye,AZ)
  2. gblomgren

    Hello from Phoenix!

    Hello from Phoenix! Just traded (upgraded) my Indian for the Rocket and loving every mile.
  3. dkapu808

    New from Phoenix AZ

    Hello everyone, My name is Dayne. I justt picked up a 2020 Rocket 3R in red. If they’re any one in Phoenix that would like to go for a ride I’m always free.
  4. Somethingbigandorange

    Hello from Phoenix

    I'm actually in Peoria, but everyone in the little surrounding cities just says "I'm from Phoenix". Just got a 2006 Rocket III Classic. It was on my short list of dream bikes, the others being a Hayabusa and Boss Hoss. Had a 'busa but rode it like a squid and got my only speeding ticket, at a...
  5. Cactusprick

    Noob from Arizona

    Hi all, newbie in Phoenix, AZ and just got my Rocket 3R last week. This is also my first Triumph. I'm in the process of installing a tail tidy and some CompWerkes slip-ons. Instead of the typical break-in I had the dealer do it via Dyno. Also added the wind screen from the GT. My other...