1. Little advise please for a 1st time Rocket buyer 🚀

    Hi folks… I’ve always wanted a Rocket since running into one at the dealership back in 2005 One has been offered too me reasonably locally and at a great price. 2008 Rocket Classic, 42k on the clock with 12months MOT It only has 1x Key & the owner took the alarm off as it kept going off...
  2. Maniman


    Hello all, ik have my rocket 3R for 6 months now and I think it is time to enjoy the 100% possibilities of the bike. I got the OBD LX connected 2 my phone. Communication is perfect but my vin is Aw8835. So I guess I cannot use the Ulf Teller file on my bike. Who can help me with this ? A...
  3. Bosco15

    Newbie from Newy

    Hello all. New to site. Live in Newcastle, Australia. Always liked the idea of the BIG triple, but that first gen styling never stirred me. (no offence to owners) Currently on the hunt for R3R in Red.
  4. Newbie

    Hi All , I'm new to the group my name is Adam and I currently live in Scotland. Also new to Triumphs.
  5. Ex83HondaMagna

    Another R3 Newbie

    Hi All, Tom from Kansas City here — just bought a 2009 R3 Touring after 30+ years on 3 different 1983 Honda Magna V65 1100s. Great bike, but at 59 thought it was time for a change! I welcome any thoughts and suggestions for a newbie!
  6. Freddie-H


    Hi folks, I'm from Warwickshire and own a 2300 Rocket 3 Roadster and just joined this forum
  7. Big Steve


    Hi, got my R3 2 weeks ago, still fast at 68 years old 😃
  8. Lift man


    Hi all just upgraded to a rocket after many years on bmw gs , and also two Harley’s I hail from swindon uk , and I love this classic with hagon nitro rear shocks , handles really well very impressive all round love it New year greetings to all Dave .
  9. Loueebish2

    Newbie here

    Just took possession of 2020 R3R. Glad to be here. Used this forum to gain information on new R3R purchase. Thanks to all.
  10. Newbie, picking up my new Silver GT this Saturday!

    Gidday everyone. My current ride was a 2011 Suzuki Boulevard M109R. Just sold on Saturday morning so in the afternoon I was off to City Triumph to put a deposit on a 21 build silver GT. Now I have to wait until Saturday..... Mods I wanna do are the Lamonster Tail tidy, ceramic coating and...
  11. R3trike


    Hi, I'm Derek and am waiting for my R3 trike to be modified.
  12. LincolnSixAlpha

    Hi From Arizona, US Newbie to Rocket 3 Community.

    Hello, I've had many many bikes over the years, including the Street and Speed, but this is my first Triumph Rocket 3 (GT).
  13. copperhog

    Hi from another UK Newbie to the Rocket 3 community

    Hi, just came across this forum and it's a great source of info for someone who's recently purchased an R3 GT (my previous ride was a Bonneville Bobber Black). Looking forward to reading more about owners' experiences and also to pick up loads of useful tips on this beast! Hopefully at some...
  14. Groot

    Newbie Here!!

    Hi Folks from "snowy" Scotland.
  15. Pinhead


    Greetings all ..just wanted to say hello. I just acquired an 05 rocket for $1850 bit of a project. hoping you guys can give me some help along the way 😀
  16. Boombaka

    NEW from Rome

    Hello everyone. I’m Mario, nick Boombaka and live in Civitavecchia, RomeI am really happy to have bought my first Triumph, a 2020 Rocket III Gt and I am equally happy to be part of this forum. In the past I have always ridden motorcycles, Aprilia, Buel, BMW and Ducati, but Triumph is another...
  17. Hi newbie

    hi im a newbie here
  18. Bertram28


    CONSIDERING PURCHASING A 2017 R3 ROADSTER Thanks for letting me in the group. I will devour all the great information before I put my money down on the counter! It only has 8K miles..I did notice a few other listings with the same amount of miles..Is this a warning sign? Stay safe. Bertram28...
  19. Araz


    Hello to all the ROCKETMEN! My name is Araz and i recently purchased R3T 2015. My other bike honda vfr 2010, so when i was purchasing R3, i was thinking that i would get absolutely mind blowing torque monster :) and i wasn't wrong, but...and i feel (based on what i read on this forum)...
  20. Newbie R3 owner

    Hello all! Here to know other gentleman and ladies who are in love with this magnificent monsterous machine. I'm located in Harlow if anyone wants to sync up. Thanks.