1. UtdRed

    R3 Newbie from HK

    Hey all, I just got the rocket 3 2020 and wanted to say hello to this group from Hong Kong!
  2. Cactusprick

    Noob from Arizona

    Hi all, newbie in Phoenix, AZ and just got my Rocket 3R last week. This is also my first Triumph. I'm in the process of installing a tail tidy and some CompWerkes slip-ons. Instead of the typical break-in I had the dealer do it via Dyno. Also added the wind screen from the GT. My other...
  3. Ddodge80

    Newbie from sc

    Hi! New to the forum just this month i purchased a new to me 06 rocket3. It was the silver lining to a unfortunate accident i had on my 02 triumph bonneville america. Hit a deere last November broke my collar bone. Caused some minor damage to the bike. Insurance totalled the bike. I bought it...
  4. davnichak


    Hi all. I have had my 2014 R3 roadster for about 3 weeks now. It has been a dream bike of mine since about 2010. I’m looking forward to getting many miles in with it! I think my boy loves it as much as I do! I just sent the exhaust system off for a new heat coating/paint job. So I’ll be off it...
  5. FL R3BEL

    2nd Time Newbie

    Hey Captains, Well this is my second time joining the site. Was here about 12 years ago (the site has got a new look since then), but just kinda drifted off. Now that I have inherited my Dad's Rocket (SebringChuck for those that may know him from here or rode with him), I'm back for...
  6. Rocketeer111


    Hi to you all, first rocket 3 after having most bikes through the years. Like nothing else before, a revelation, 2013 model
  7. R


    Hi everyone I have been bike mad all my life (nearly 50 now), have had tons of dirt bikes and lots of road bikes, current have a 2017 KTM Superduke R and a 2017 Husqvarna 701SM in the stable and love them both. I have admired the Rocket 3 from afar for a few years now but have really had my...
  8. DarkRocket


    Hi, just joined. My second Rocket now. I think this one was a bargain with a massive 6k of extras. Thanks for having me everyone.
  9. mando

    Triumph newbie

    Hi all, first time Triumph owner picked it up last week Saturday and went back in on Friday for its first service, I saw the TCF at my dealer and he sugested I sat on it cause it was clearly something I would want to have, I had already read the tests of course so I asked them to put the GT...
  10. JPHDT

    Hello from a froggy newbie from France

    Hi everybody, My bones are not as young, but I enjoy a lot cruising on motorbike. I had the previous Rocket 3 in 2007. I left that one for a HD CVO Road Glide in 2013. But when I was advised of the new rocket 3, I was obliged to leave the Road Glide. If all technology is working on this new...
  11. Andy_France

    Newbie !

    Hi, Just to say hello ! I've been trawling the forum for a little while and now need to ask questions and pick brains ! After a lifetime of riding sports-bikes and sports-tourers I've now slowed down a bit with a Rocket III ! Ok... slowed down at the top end, but getting to the middle bit...
  12. 5minMajor

    Newbie... Steering the Dragon

    Hello all! I am recent 17 Rocket III Roadster owner. This bike is a lot of fun to ride! I have noticed (especially) at lower speeds that when I turn the dragon it feels like the front wheel/handlebars want to oversteer into whichever direction I am turning. I have also noticed that if I hit...
  13. Son_Of_Dog

    Saturday Afternoon Ride and Blacksmithing

    Spent this afternoon making a short trip on the bike to the local welding supply for a blacksmithing seminar. Got to participate make a little bottle opener, but a nice little jog for the beginning rider was really nice too. Caught a picture with the truck in the background too.Skunk 081019_1 by...
  14. Hemi_Guy

    Help for a newbie :)

    Hey all, Now that I have my R3T home, I could use help with the following: A blank Triumph key (dealer only had one key). An owners manual (dealer didn't have it). Other typical newbie questions such as: Oil / filter recommendations Fuel Octane - Do these engines have any preferences or run...
  15. Big Si

    Belated newbie from Worcestershire, UK

    Sorry folks, it would appear after checking my activity on here over the last month or so that I haven't actually said "hello", i.e. I have not formally introduced myself!:eek: My name is Simon...."Big Si" (I am not remotely small, except in that area says the wife:banghead:) I have recently...
  16. Tug


    Hi guys number 282 signing in
  17. JJA Guns

    Newbie in the PNW

    Just posting over here also for all my fellow riders in the PNW, will be hunting up some rides come spring. Look forward to meeting up.
  18. JJA Guns


    Thanks for the add, doing paperwork on a 18 R3R right now. Been riding most of my life, from dirt bikes, to drag racing. First Triumph, think I got pretty lucky. Local dealer had a leftover 16 R3R, found a better deal on a new 18 from a shop in NH. Was looking for parts to start tweaking it and...
  19. Brian Mair

    Newbie saying hello

    Hello fellow Rocketeers. Im Brian from Perthshire in bonnie Scotland, I have a Classic, and just love riding it. Just found this site by accident, looks brilliant. Take care.
  20. Big Si

    Newbie saying hello

    Hi folks, Big Si here from Worcestershire U.K. looking forward to becoming part of the site
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