1. Groot

    Newbie Here!!

    Hi Folks from "snowy" Scotland.
  2. Pinhead


    Greetings all ..just wanted to say hello. I just acquired an 05 rocket for $1850 bit of a project. hoping you guys can give me some help along the way 😀
  3. Boombaka

    NEW from Rome

    Hello everyone. I’m Mario, nick Boombaka and live in Civitavecchia, RomeI am really happy to have bought my first Triumph, a 2020 Rocket III Gt and I am equally happy to be part of this forum. In the past I have always ridden motorcycles, Aprilia, Buel, BMW and Ducati, but Triumph is another...
  4. Hi newbie

    hi im a newbie here
  5. Bertram28


    CONSIDERING PURCHASING A 2017 R3 ROADSTER Thanks for letting me in the group. I will devour all the great information before I put my money down on the counter! It only has 8K miles..I did notice a few other listings with the same amount of miles..Is this a warning sign? Stay safe. Bertram28...
  6. Araz


    Hello to all the ROCKETMEN! My name is Araz and i recently purchased R3T 2015. My other bike honda vfr 2010, so when i was purchasing R3, i was thinking that i would get absolutely mind blowing torque monster :) and i wasn't wrong, but...and i feel (based on what i read on this forum)...
  7. Newbie R3 owner

    Hello all! Here to know other gentleman and ladies who are in love with this magnificent monsterous machine. I'm located in Harlow if anyone wants to sync up. Thanks.
  8. SanjeeveST

    Newbie - Qatar

    Hi, Picked up Rocket 3R a couple of days ago. My previous bike was a Bobber Black. Any lead on where can I get a keyless fuel cap? Cheers Sanjeeve
  9. Barrister Rocketeer


    Hi - I’m a newbie to this forum (or any for that matter!) A Brit Barrister - On my third Rocket 🚀, picked up my new 3 GT at the weekend - it’s love ❤️ Plan to take it through Europe in the Spring.
  10. Another UK Newbie

    Hood evening all, thanks for 'avin' me
  11. Neil . Newbie .hello all

    Got a 2012 model roadster. Changed cans for 3 into 1 .sounds amazing but got a bit of power lag top end 😫 how can I rectify this issue
  12. GinjaJohn

    Newbie saying hi

    If there is anyone in the NE of England, I'd be interested in a meet.
  13. Rock_RFlordia

    Newbie, 2020 R

    Hello, Just bought my first 2020 Rocket 3 R, yesterday. I'm here to learn, I plan on asking plenty of stupid questions, hope everyone will be patient with me. This is the 4th bike I've owned but I don't consider myself an advanced rider by any means. As having only ridden the Rocket twice, I...
  14. AzRocketman

    Hello, R3 owners, Newbie here.

    Looking forward to gaining knowledge from you guys. I haven’t road in 15-years. I’m now the proud owner of a 2020 Rocket 3R. Phoenix,Az.
  15. Triple Red


    Hi all, hopefully gain some useful advice and who knows may even give some.
  16. Ziggiesden


    Hello, I've just bit the bullet and ordered a Limited Edition Rocket 3 R Black that should arrive sometime in June, from the Triumph Dealers as it's a nice run back up from Newcastle to the Scottish Borders, where I live, via the A696/A68 & Northumberland National Park. I've an old Kawasaki...
  17. UtdRed

    R3 Newbie from HK

    Hey all, I just got the rocket 3 2020 and wanted to say hello to this group from Hong Kong!
  18. Cactusprick

    Noob from Arizona

    Hi all, newbie in Phoenix, AZ and just got my Rocket 3R last week. This is also my first Triumph. I'm in the process of installing a tail tidy and some CompWerkes slip-ons. Instead of the typical break-in I had the dealer do it via Dyno. Also added the wind screen from the GT. My other...
  19. Ddodge80

    Newbie from sc

    Hi! New to the forum just this month i purchased a new to me 06 rocket3. It was the silver lining to a unfortunate accident i had on my 02 triumph bonneville america. Hit a deere last November broke my collar bone. Caused some minor damage to the bike. Insurance totalled the bike. I bought it...
  20. davnichak


    Hi all. I have had my 2014 R3 roadster for about 3 weeks now. It has been a dream bike of mine since about 2010. I’m looking forward to getting many miles in with it! I think my boy loves it as much as I do! I just sent the exhaust system off for a new heat coating/paint job. So I’ll be off it...