1. Tug


    Hi guys number 282 signing in
  2. JJA Guns

    Newbie in the PNW

    Just posting over here also for all my fellow riders in the PNW, will be hunting up some rides come spring. Look forward to meeting up.
  3. JJA Guns


    Thanks for the add, doing paperwork on a 18 R3R right now. Been riding most of my life, from dirt bikes, to drag racing. First Triumph, think I got pretty lucky. Local dealer had a leftover 16 R3R, found a better deal on a new 18 from a shop in NH. Was looking for parts to start tweaking it and...
  4. Brian Mair

    Newbie saying hello

    Hello fellow Rocketeers. Im Brian from Perthshire in bonnie Scotland, I have a Classic, and just love riding it. Just found this site by accident, looks brilliant. Take care.
  5. Big Si

    Newbie saying hello

    Hi folks, Big Si here from Worcestershire U.K. looking forward to becoming part of the site
  6. Crotchburn

    R3 Newbie finds flailing connector, R3 oldies offer friendly advice

    I'm off on a journey to troubleshoot my charging system, but that's not what this post is about. In searching around for my alt\rect connectors to follow the manual's troubleshooting flowchart, I found that my relay rubbers are broken, leaving my relays flailing about. I have a 3d printer, so...
  7. IvoGeorgiev

    Newbie from Bulgaria

    Hi everyone. My name is Ivo, i an 27 years old, and i want to became an owner of Triumph 3 rocket roadster motorcycle. So far, so good. I've never had a motorcycle before, and i definitely know, that this one will be a little bit bigger and powerful for a new guy, but its my dream one...
  8. Newbie

    hi everyone new to R3Owners I ride a 2014 R3R with TORS, RAMAIR, COLLECTOR BOX BYPASS and I will be looking for a good remap for it so if anyone can help be grateful for any advise
  9. Keith R

    Hello from another Newbie in Scotland.

    Good afternoon from Montrose, Scotland. The proud owner of a Rocket 3 Classic complete with TOR's.
  10. aprillakilla

    newbie from REDCAR in North Yorkshire (next to the river Tees )

    hi there this is a resume' of my current riding !! bought the Rocket from Darlington in 2016 it is a Roadster version on an 06 plate it now has a Ramair induction system with a 3into1 exhaust , the original headers with a reducer that goes straight into a Mivv end pipe. it was tuned by John...
  11. Rocket 3 run on

    hay all, ne two the forum and it would appear you lot know your stuff. I have just purchased my first rocket three and i love it! Power to burn, however I don’t think the previous owner knew as much as he thought. I feel like he’s leaned the bike right out causing issues. The beast has after...
  12. English Tim

    Newbie saying Hi from England

    Howdy all. New to forum and only 4 weeks into my R3 (2011). Enjoying the forum so far and hope to engage as I get more used to the ride. Cheers
  13. Berber

    Questions from a newbie without a manual

    A few questions guys from a man without a manual (its on order from the dealership) What are TORS (I have to assume they are replacement exhausts for the Rocket) How do you remove the rear seat (don’t yet have a manual and cant see anyway to remove it) Would a one piece, two seater fit my...
  14. atjurhs

    r3 newbie with helmet "wind slapping"

    hey guys, i'm relatively new to the r3. before the r3, i never road with a fairing or a shield. all my riding was just around town, no long trips so i didn't need one. but with the r3, i'm taking longer rides.... but after riding her for a +300mile ride my shoulders were killing me from...
  15. Big Mike

    Introduce Myself

    Hi guys, my names Mike and im from British Columbia, Canada. I just purchased a 2005 Rocket III and even though Ive only taken it around the block and parked it for the winter im in love. I plan to leave it stock for a season until i get used to the bike as i come from riding enduros so its a...
  16. John Ward

    Newbie Exhaust Question.......

    Hi Guys n Gals.... Well I'm new to Rockets and have been reading up and going out and looking at my bike as I'm not sure what mods it has.. Its a 2008 Classic and I think I have some sort of cat bypass fitted but not sure if the exhausts are standard but with slash cut ends fitted. I cant seem...
  17. Baloo

    Another newbie

    Hi all, The aesthetics of the Rocket are responsible for making me take my bike license.. so new years resolution to get it done. Passed in April, ordered my Rocket X this week. Very exited to be taking delivery in the next few days. Just hoping for a few more sunny days to enjoy it.
  18. Lynch

    Another newbie

    Hello all I've had my 2013 r3r for a week, yikes!. I never imagined owning something like this,i currently have two other triumphs,a2005 America and a69 hard tail tiger, This thing is truly awesome,(as you all know). Anyway, it's good to have a resource like this to answer all the questions...
  19. AJ1

    R3 Newbie - Questions on Progressive for 2016 R3R

    Hi all, Just had my 2016 R3R for a few weeks . Was researching progressive shocks. When I check their website 2015 and later model R3Rs do not come up. I see 444-4209B is compatible with 2014 models. Does it work on 2016 R3R ? is 12.5 inch the right length ? I weigh 205 lb. May have a...
  20. Dewclaw


    Hi I am a newbie owner of a 2008 R3 Classic. I live in Yorkshire, England. I also have a BMW K1300s 30th Anniversary model. I have recently retired and have just finished a restoration of a 1982 Honda FT500 Ascot for a friend. Bought the R3 to encourage my wife to go pillion - she considers the...