1. hornet599

    Welcome from HochiMinh city

    hello every boby I am new comer from HCM city, Vietnam
  2. Looking for a trustworthy shop near Arizona USA

    Hey guys, Josh here. From kingman arizona. im pretty new to the R3 world picked up a 2011 roadster in Las Vegas last month. I'm looking for someone I can trust to do a good and honest job of looking over my bike and seeing if it needs anything like valve clearance adjusted or ... does anyone...
  3. LincolnSixAlpha

    Hi From Arizona, US Newbie to Rocket 3 Community.

    Hello, I've had many many bikes over the years, including the Street and Speed, but this is my first Triumph Rocket 3 (GT).
  4. dkapu808

    New from Phoenix AZ

    Hello everyone, My name is Dayne. I justt picked up a 2020 Rocket 3R in red. If they’re any one in Phoenix that would like to go for a ride I’m always free.
  5. New Rocket 3 GT in Arizona, USA

    Hello to all! New Rocket 3 GT owner since two weeks ago here in HOT Arizona, USA (we had several days of over 115F/45C this past week). New Triumph owner, actually. Truly impressed with the bike's refinement and performance! The R3 replaced a 2013 Yamaha FJR 1300, but the wife liked the R3...
  6. Cactusprick

    Noob from Arizona

    Hi all, newbie in Phoenix, AZ and just got my Rocket 3R last week. This is also my first Triumph. I'm in the process of installing a tail tidy and some CompWerkes slip-ons. Instead of the typical break-in I had the dealer do it via Dyno. Also added the wind screen from the GT. My other...