1. Newbie, picking up my new Silver GT this Saturday!

    Gidday everyone. My current ride was a 2011 Suzuki Boulevard M109R. Just sold on Saturday morning so in the afternoon I was off to City Triumph to put a deposit on a 21 build silver GT. Now I have to wait until Saturday..... Mods I wanna do are the Lamonster Tail tidy, ceramic coating and...
  2. Palptine

    Paint Code Rocket 3 GT Silver Ice/Storm Grey

    Hello friends. I'm need the paint code for the Rocket 3GT Silver ice/sotrm gray because I need to do some touch ups on the fuel tank cover. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  3. SleepyOwl

    Changed silver to black

    Just about finished the changes now. Happy with the black with the grey tank. Just need to put the headlight surrounds back on. I do have black subframe replacements but from what I can see the fuel tank has to be removed to get at the nut on the top bolt so not an easy job. Need to put...
  4. gottagofaster

    Silver engine cleaning

    Have 07 with the silver engine. Trying to clean around exhaust. Have tried WD40 and degreaser but won’t touch it. Any suggestions? Haven’t tried brake cleaner yet. Have a lot of spare time these days so detailing all the nooks and crannies. Thanks
  5. Jay

    **SOLD** Schuberth C3 Pro, Silver, Small, Like New

    Sold. Selling our Schuberth C3 Pro modular helmet in silver, size small. Bought late in 2018 and used for 4 rides. My passenger found it didn't quite fit her. Can't return, so offering it here. We had the Cardo Packtalk mounted and I left the base plate attached. Otherwise in like new...
  6. Bob spruce

    05 Rocket silver detent spring

    I am replacing the clutch. So decided to replace detent spring. How do you replace it. She is very hard to get too. Or do you unscrew the Allen bolt and does the whole unit pull out to get to it? That would be easier, If I don't.
  7. Ishrub

    For Sale R3 Classic rear guard Pacific Blue and Aluminium Silver - New Condition

    Comes with tail light etc. Came from a bloke who made up Rocket trikes so appears new unfitted. And yes I got the other bits too and more;):D Brand new swing arm and diff, starter motor etc. Can remove lights before shipping if not wanted. Any interest?
  8. SavageRiver

    Highlight of today's ride.

    I was feeling pretty good today so I went for a ride to a small mining town here in Utah that was settled in the late 1800's. Mining was mostly for gold and silver. My Grandpa spent his first several years as a young boy here. I had a fun ride for sure and the weather was beautiful. Here is a...
  9. ThisGuy

    For Sale SOLD Silver Sump for engines AFTER 217502

    Pay shipping and it's yours. If you really want to throw me some extra feel free. It's just taking up space and I want it gone. This is a brand new R3 sump, silver color, for engine numbers 217502 AND ABOVE. No extra parts with it, no screens, bolts, etc… just the sump itself. Just occurred to...
  10. Silver engine vs black

    Can anyone tell me what the difference between the silver and black engines are? I am curious as there has to be a reason they switched, and I am positive that it isn't just a paint color! Thanks
  11. flyreels

    For Sale Sold

  12. Rango


    2005 Sliver Classic. I've looked high and low on the forum and can't find the paint code. I found 2 links, one site has errors and the other only cover a blue Trident. Please can anyone you help?
  13. MCN

    Staff Blog: Triumph Street Triple R at Silverstone

    Two years ago, MCN Consumer Editor Tony Hoare almost died after an accident at Cadwell Park. He hadn't been back on track since, until he took his Triumph Street Triple R for a trackday on the International Circuit at... More...
  14. TxRIIIRider

    Silver Engine Powder Coat Problem

    Is anyone else having an issue with the powder coat on silver engines? Mine is bubbling and cracking all over the motor.. I have 3 pics below.. and another one that that is worse that I forgot to load, but the powder coat is cracked pretty good in it. This just started happening over the...
  15. silverback

    has anyone heard any new news about carpenter racing and triumph, would love to see these bikes get into production
  16. TOMCAT

    Silver Rocket ??

    Anyone help in locating a photo from Members Gallery of a silver painted Rocket ? Mate is looking for ideas for a new paintjob... Thanks.
  17. webBikeWorld

    2010 MotoGP Round 5 - British GP at Silverstone

    Lorenzo dominant, Spies takes podium. More...
  18. dazzybabie

    Rocket 3 Silver Paint

    Hi All, A quick question for you all. I have noticed the silver paint on my rear diff and front engine casing are getting a bit bubbly. Can anyone advise on where to get the paint from, or what type of paint it is. Is it even powder coat? All comments appreciated Thanks Dazzy
  19. bobmielke

    Silver Falls State Park

    I thought I'd try something different this week so a friend & i headed for Silver Falls State Park near Salem, OR. It was a short ride, maybe 128 mile round trip. The weather was hot but the sky was a deep blue and clear. We wanted to photograph a few of the 10 waterfalls at the park. It...
  20. From Roadstar Silverado to Rocket III

    Traded my Yamaha to this 2005 beauty and oh my. Cannot believe the power and design of this machine. Am glad Corbin had the ferring and beatle bags, I think gives her even a more cleaner/sleak look. Took sometime to develop a relationship with her "Eleanor" much different ride than what I was...