From Roadstar Silverado to Rocket III


Traded my Yamaha to this 2005 beauty and oh my. Cannot believe the power and design of this machine. Am glad Corbin had the ferring and beatle bags, I think gives her even a more cleaner/sleak look.

Took sometime to develop a relationship with her "Eleanor" much different ride than what I was used to. Needles hywy and Iron mountain road in SD Sturgis rally, really made me appreciate this bike and respect its handling capabilities.

One thing that Triumph needs to include with the bike is some 100 mph tape so I can tape my hands to the grips for better holding power while I get into it. lol

Glad I ride with the "normal" cruisers. They keep me out of trouble.

Pictures posted as soon as I can figure out how to reduce the KBs so they will be accepted on here. :)

Take care
Lansing, Kansas


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Welcome.. :) Do you have the Corbin Fleetlinder fairing and Beetle bags? That is a nice looking set up. I ride with some "normal" cruisers on occaision as well. They're so slow!.. lol

Eleanor, welcome. Flip I think thats the shortest and funniest post you've ever made.Now my beers all foaming on my puter desk..Jack
That's all right. I called a supplier the other day and I talked to the owners daughter. I needed to order some cutters. At the end of the conversation I asked her what her name was. She replied Bridgette. I hope I didn't insult her but I did tell her that we have a brood mare named Bridgette but she's retired now. Actually, she's the last living Salerno Degas daughter, the end of the line. Salerno Degas was a famous Percheron Stallion.
Welcome Eleanor

Welcome to the forum, Eleanor! With an OEM rider back rest, you wouldn't need 100 mph tape. Though you'd be looking at a new seat plus the back rest, $$$, lets round it off to 500$. On the other hand, a BackBuddy is a very very reasonable alternative: this will definitely keeps you in place! I use one myself; and my sweatums likes it too.