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  • Hi Pig9r, I have just signed up to this forum although I have had my Rocket 111 for a couple of years now. I have been having some alarm issues and seen on a post thread that you may have an alarm manual that may be helpful. Could I possibly ask you if yo would be able to send this to me as I am desperately trying to get any help in how to remove this alarm. Many thanks, Dave...
    I'm buying a 2013 America for my wife tomorrow, and am dismayed by the lack of availability of Tuneboy or TuneECU tunes for that bike. Do you know of anyone who does for the America/Speedmaster community what you do for the Rocket III community? Thanks again for all the work and help with the Rocket III tunes.

    Yo Pig9r:

    Got a major problem hope you can help. Have been running the last tune you recommended. Great good idle, power, no decell. Took the bike down
    to virginia in preparation for Memorial Day, 400 mile ride ran fine no problems, spent a couple hours driving in the rain, arrived Motel as scheduled. Had an emergency call from home, left at 9 this morning
    to head back. No sooner am I on the highway and the engine starts
    mis-firing, breaking down, at anything over 3k rpm. At times you could
    slowly increase the throttle and it would be ok others mis-fires, etc.
    Any thoughts on what could have changed so much over night?

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