1. Which helmet?

    Hi all, Which helmet do you use? How experience do you have? I use now X-lite and have ordered Shoei GT-Air 2. Some say that it is great and silent, some that it is loud. Do you have also experience with intercom Sena SRL2 or SRL- mesh? Or with borh of them?
  2. SonOfJorEl

    The Lids we wear...

    This is a personal preference for all, but I'd love to know which type of helmet(s) you wear most while riding your Rockets. I'd love to know the reason why as well in the comments - is it to assist with drag? Is it purely for looks? Convenience? Some other reason? Pick your best 2 choices...
  3. PaddyO

    Glasses and snowmobile helmet

    I moved from Florida to Utah 2 years ago. Obviously, the winters are very different. I like to ride year round and the cold has been a big adjustment. I wear glasses and they fog up quickly when the temperatures are in the low 60's Fahrenheit or lower. Anti fog solutions do not work on my...
  4. RocketDan

    DIY helmet lock.

    A little quarantine project today. DIY helmet lock. Anchored some coated cable to the tank mount and then ran it by the battery, making sure it will not rub or pinch and wiring, and out by the left side passenger/pillion foot rest. As in the picture, if you put the footrest down it holds the...
  5. Bubblehead

    Helmet and bike Bluetooth issue

    I have a 2020 Rocket 3 GT with Bluetooth and use a Shoei Neotec 2 with Sena headset inside. I can make calls out via the bike bar controls but all incoming calls get kicked to my answer machine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  6. barbagris

    Oh - just some more helmet controversy.

    The Next, Next Big Thing: MIPS MIPS Protection – helmet safety – brain protection system I thought this would interest one or two. One being @Dr.D who already uses the ICON now available with MIPS and @Ishrub who iirc used helmets with a conceptually similar technology from LAZER. Just had a...
  7. Eric R.

    New helmet question

    Hi guys, I recently bought a new Aria Classic V open face helmet. I have very old Aria Classic M helmet that I wanted to upgrade . My old one is extra-large so I purchased the new one in extra-large also. My question is should I expect to go through a break in period with my new helmet...
  8. maurice

    Helmet Lock?

    Don't suppose I missed it, did I? No I'm not drilling holes to make one. If not, what a bummer! Don't trust leaving helmet on back rest.
  9. Mad Dog

    New Helmet advice

    So Santa brought us 3 new Cardo intercoms for X-mas this year. I’m thinking since I already wear hearing aids my little carbon fiber half helmet isn’t going to cut it, and if I manage to get it installed I probly won’t be able to hear or be heard at speed. So, I’m looking at full face helmets...
  10. SleepyOwl

    TFC helmet from Davida.

    Had this pop up on my instagram page Like the helmet. Hope they do a grey GT version.
  11. Tripps

    DOT helmet failures

    DOT Helmet Failure Rate Increases To 43 Percent
  12. Tal

    Which Helmet.....

    Because there is such a wide range to select from....Open Faced ...Full faced...smaller or LARGER...expensive or cheaper...which one?
  13. JudgeMontrose

    **SOLD** New Bell Bullitt Carbon XL helmet

    Brand new Bell Bullitt Carbon helmet. Never worn. These are super light due to the carbon fiber shell. Great field of view. Shell size is XL; pads are replaceable to adjust fit. Comes with the Bell carrying case, box, clear bubble shield, and all packaging. $375 OBO + shipping. Located near...
  14. Cav Man

    Full Face Helmet Recommendations Please

    So I had a really dis-orienting experience this past weekend on a four hour run to and from Green Bay, WI. I had, alternately, ear buds (no tunes) or actual ear plugs in, to cut the wind noise - my current half helmet obvious does zip for me. On arrival, my hearing was completely messed up...
  15. CrzystghndKC

    Helmet recall

    Well just found out the helmet I've been wearing since 2009 was recalled in 2016. No wonder I couldn't find a replacement face shield. So if any of you have one around it's Hawk AP 80 open face or 3/4 helmet but only size medium. Now talking to NTSB because Hawk does not answer their customer...
  16. Jay

    **SOLD** Schuberth C3 Pro, Silver, Small, Like New

    Sold. Selling our Schuberth C3 Pro modular helmet in silver, size small. Bought late in 2018 and used for 4 rides. My passenger found it didn't quite fit her. Can't return, so offering it here. We had the Cardo Packtalk mounted and I left the base plate attached. Otherwise in like new...
  17. TheKid

    AGV Helmet sale

    Just purchased a sport modular from these guys. Motorgearstore. Great deal, I think. $520.00 delivered for a lightweight modular. Comes from the Netherlands. 220.00 bucks cheaper than here. Hope I love it, and will let you know. Should be here in time for MV
  18. 1olbull

    Helmet Impact Study

    Reckon I should share this data since there has been many discussions about the most vulnerable areas of your head & helmet in crashes. This paper also quantifies the frequency of types of motor impacts.
  19. 1olbull


    On my recent trip south through OR, CA, UT, NV & AZ I had an expensive mishap in Huntington Beach. Pulling into a garage I crunched my Schuberth shield. $100 out the window . . . I went shopping at a motor store that was the size of a darn mall! They had no Schuberth shields, BUT, they had...
  20. Ishrub

    RevZilla Schuberth helmet sale.

    Up To 35% Off Schuberth - RevZilla