1. ExtremeAntics

    New lid

    New lid arrived today, time to retire the old Bell to the display shelf.
  2. RockOn

    Panic, Saddlebag Lid Lock Fail

    Good grief. This shaved about 5 years off my life. I've never used the lid locks on my 2008 Touring model. When checking them out of curiosity to see which of my keys locked them(ignition key) I could easily lock them by turning the key 90 degrees and remove the key but I could not unlock...
  3. SonOfJorEl

    The Lids we wear...

    This is a personal preference for all, but I'd love to know which type of helmet(s) you wear most while riding your Rockets. I'd love to know the reason why as well in the comments - is it to assist with drag? Is it purely for looks? Convenience? Some other reason? Pick your best 2 choices...