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  • Trying to find how you PM on here....this appears to be public and wanted to pm someone about an offer on classifieds. Thanks.
    Thanks for earlier input on exhaust....have you heard anything pos/neg about shortys? Have rad they do fit roadster which I have even though says they don't. Have evens on good shape used jardines a back up.
    Sir Tomcat,
    My first service is due, i wanna change oil and i get these following two options,
    1 MObil 1 Racing 4T - 0W40
    2 FUCHS Silkolene Super 4-- 10W40

    The Lowest temperature at any point of the year is 18-20 Deg celsius and the highest is 35- 38 Deg celsius.

    Which one should i do? Pls ?
    Hello mr tomcat this is camo joe from walley world or queerland which ever u prefer lol
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