1. MooseCaledonia

    Detent maybe? Yup!

    Thanks to you marvellous people I've recently upgraded my starter motor to a 1.4kW Toyota and thrilled with the results. My woe on the way to work this afternoon is Trooper has got herself stuck in 5th gear! The gearshift is solid, it ain't gonna shift out of 5th. Having a rummage through forums...
  2. Chip

    Detent spring failure

    I just finished limping home with my shifter popping out of gear. I had a broken detent spring about 40,000 miles ago. Same exact series of events. I just hope for a better solution from the Triumph dealer on the repair. The old dealer quoted $500. Final charge was close to a Grand...
  3. wjb

    Detent Spring R&R

    Detent Spring R&R My excitement over buying a 2008 Rocket III Touring quickly turned to disappointment when I experienced troubles with the transmission. I didn’t notice a problem on my short test ride but shortly after getting the bike home I noticed some difficulties. The first indication...
  4. wjb

    A few questions for those who have replaced detent spring

    My People, I will soon be attempting to replace the detent spring in my '08 Touring and have a few questions. I have read through a couple of write ups about it and watched a video, although the video was about replacing the clutch, and did not remove the clutch basket so, no actual...
  5. Doc Roc

    Detent spring

    Has anyone got photos of how to remove and replace the detent spring. I am upgrading the clutch and may as well do it while I'm in there.
  6. Kievit

    Detent spring mystery!

    Rocket friends..i'm in need resolving a mysterie! last year i helped a friend changing the detent spring of his rocket. ..........Big succes! Yesterday i tried to help another rocket friend with the same problem. This friend was able to drive to my house with frequently falling out of...
  7. dandiego

    Thoughts on R3 riders and the $&@! Detent Spring

    I’m on the North Carolina/Virginia border and just hit 58k miles. That’s all for now....
  8. Bob spruce

    05 Rocket silver detent spring

    I am replacing the clutch. So decided to replace detent spring. How do you replace it. She is very hard to get too. Or do you unscrew the Allen bolt and does the whole unit pull out to get to it? That would be easier, If I don't.
  9. bigprop

    detent or not detent that is question

    today the investigation of the dreaded jumping out of gear began.Feeling nervous as never attempting a task like this before and not knowing if i was going to have to remortgage the house if the result was bad. Slowly but carefully i proceeded with the task at hand.With my laptop at my side...
  10. Stanley R Gray

    Replaced the detent spring

    I replaced the detent spring and the bike wont change gears up or down. The bike wants to move when I ease out on the clutch and would if the brakes weren't applied and it still on the table. What did I do wronge or overlook? HELP PLEASE.
  11. 2008 R3T detent spring broke

    So good sh$t happens along with bad sh$t, often all mixed up in recurring cycles all the way from the start to the end. I mean depending on where you want the good and the bad to start, you could go back to when you went to the drive in with dad and came home with mum. So for this little...
  12. Nat67

    Detent spring

    I am finding a lot less resistance in the return of my gear lever , gearbox is tight , no shift or neutral issues . Is it the beginning of the end for the detent spring or am I just being paranoid ?
  13. RooK

    Transmission problem

    Hi all, I own a 2006 R3 Classic. I've been having this issue after long period of highway. When I try to downshift it won't downshift. Basically the lever bottoms out, there is no clicking. After many tries and slowing down I am able to go all the way down and then it works properly. I have...