1. leatal

    Clutch spring bolts

    Has anyone found a source for 50mm long clutch spring bolts?
  2. Jagster

    Progressive Spring - rear shock modification - is it any good?

    I came across this listing on ebay and thought ...hmm....Not massively expensive, so rather tempting. But....Is it any good? Does it solve the harsh rear end over potholes etc....? Has anyone out there fitted this kit? and if so, does it improve the ride? Hyperpro Progressive Rear Shock Spring...
  3. Storing my R3 'till spring -- any advice?

    Are there any gas treatments that will work on this? I just went through installing a new fuel pump and having the injector nozzles cleaned, but it took a couple weeks and cost a couple hundred bucks, and I'd rather not do that again. Of course, last time it had been stored fifteen years and...
  4. Chip

    Detent spring failure

    I just finished limping home with my shifter popping out of gear. I had a broken detent spring about 40,000 miles ago. Same exact series of events. I just hope for a better solution from the Triumph dealer on the repair. The old dealer quoted $500. Final charge was close to a Grand...
  5. wjb

    Detent Spring R&R

    Detent Spring R&R My excitement over buying a 2008 Rocket III Touring quickly turned to disappointment when I experienced troubles with the transmission. I didn’t notice a problem on my short test ride but shortly after getting the bike home I noticed some difficulties. The first indication...
  6. wjb

    A few questions for those who have replaced detent spring

    My People, I will soon be attempting to replace the detent spring in my '08 Touring and have a few questions. I have read through a couple of write ups about it and watched a video, although the video was about replacing the clutch, and did not remove the clutch basket so, no actual...
  7. chrisw

    Spring mounted Solo seats - Bobber Style

    Classic with long wide bars by chrisw posted Oct 26, 2019 at 11:08 AMHI Has anyone replaced the standard seat with a bobber seat (spring mounted) Would we interesting to see how it looks and if any benefits in terms of being able to change ride height maybe get more shock absortion. Also...
  8. Kojack1970

    Progressive fork spring install general question

    For the fork spring replacement going to progressives, is is necessary to fully remove the forks from yokes or can the spring swap be done with the fork tubes still in the yokes? I know many other bikes can be done with the tubes still in the yokes, but it looks to me like that approach on the...
  9. Doc Roc

    Detent spring

    Has anyone got photos of how to remove and replace the detent spring. I am upgrading the clutch and may as well do it while I'm in there.
  10. Kievit

    Detent spring mystery!

    Rocket friends..i'm in need resolving a mysterie! last year i helped a friend changing the detent spring of his rocket. ..........Big succes! Yesterday i tried to help another rocket friend with the same problem. This friend was able to drive to my house with frequently falling out of...
  11. Ishrub

    For Sale Screens new and used Fly , Roadster, Classic - time to thin them out before our spring.

    Screens new and used Fly , Roadster, Classic - time to thin them out before our spring. New: Factory Flys in Claret -CT, Scorched Yellow -FG FLY SCREEN - COLOUR COORDINATED A9748045 - ## Requires Front End Fixing Kit A9738051 SPORTSCREEN A9748048 Requires Front End Fixing Kit A9738051...
  12. oldnewR3T

    Rear Spring length and Weave

    Gents, Hoping to get your opinion on my 2013 Touring's behavior. Last year I had a nasty death wobble, and thanks to good inputs from this site, narrowed it down to steering head bearing adjustment, which cured the problem and confirmed that Touring's are not allergic to white walls. No hands...
  13. dandiego

    Thoughts on R3 riders and the $&@! Detent Spring

    I’m on the North Carolina/Virginia border and just hit 58k miles. That’s all for now....
  14. Bob spruce

    05 Rocket silver detent spring

    I am replacing the clutch. So decided to replace detent spring. How do you replace it. She is very hard to get too. Or do you unscrew the Allen bolt and does the whole unit pull out to get to it? That would be easier, If I don't.
  15. JohnPanter

    Clutch: spring or washer?

    Looking forward to refitting a new set of friction and pressure plates into the outer basket. Just noticed that the parts catalogue and manual both show opposite sequences for installing the 'anti-judder spring' and 'anti judder washer'! The manual shows 'washer' then 'spring' then plates . ...
  16. Vovasik

    Moscow hosted the Moto spring 2019 exhibition

    we had an exhibition Moto spring 2019 Triumph in an exhibition not is participating, and very, it is a pity! There was only one trained athlete some photos
  17. Jag

    Spring recommission!

    Spring is here, don’t forget the most overlooked maintenance item on your bike! Blinker fluid change! Also don’t forget to let all the old stale air out of you tires and refill with new fresh air! Get out your metric adjustable and have fun getting your bike ready fo the riding season!
  18. Steamer97

    just bought a 2012 this week, looking forward to spring

    I recently moved to Illinois from Northern Idaho. This bike I purchased in Minnesota this week. I'm thinking about crash bars now. The ice on my driveway was bothering me while trying to turn around after unloading from my trailer and I did feel some weight on a tipping (on a dry spot in...
  19. Valve spring compressor mod

    I noticed that I had a valve stem seal leaking a bit so thought that it was a good idea to replace them all while I have the cylinder head off. I'm sure that someone makes a valve spring compressor for motorcycle engines but all I have is an old school automotive one that wasn't able to reach...
  20. BillB

    Touring progressive fork spring upgrade

    Decided as I can't ride for a month or so while I recover from surgery, might as well do some upgrades. Got out the manual and read through it and went what the heck??? Looked at the bike and lo and behold, no drain plugs on the lower sliders. Could understand that in a Roadster or such with...