detent spring

  1. Canister

    Clutch slippage/4th gear issues

    I bought this bike back in May and have put almost 5000 miles on it and when I changed the oil I put high milage car oil in it about 2k miles ago I've changed the oil with mobile 1 racing 4t multiple times since then and my oil is still turning grey. When the barnett clutch was put in there were...
  2. Chip

    Detent spring failure

    I just finished limping home with my shifter popping out of gear. I had a broken detent spring about 40,000 miles ago. Same exact series of events. I just hope for a better solution from the Triumph dealer on the repair. The old dealer quoted $500. Final charge was close to a Grand...
  3. wjb

    Detent Spring R&R

    Detent Spring R&R My excitement over buying a 2008 Rocket III Touring quickly turned to disappointment when I experienced troubles with the transmission. I didn’t notice a problem on my short test ride but shortly after getting the bike home I noticed some difficulties. The first indication...
  4. wjb

    A few questions for those who have replaced detent spring

    My People, I will soon be attempting to replace the detent spring in my '08 Touring and have a few questions. I have read through a couple of write ups about it and watched a video, although the video was about replacing the clutch, and did not remove the clutch basket so, no actual...
  5. Doc Roc

    Detent spring

    Has anyone got photos of how to remove and replace the detent spring. I am upgrading the clutch and may as well do it while I'm in there.
  6. Kievit

    Detent spring mystery!

    Rocket friends..i'm in need resolving a mysterie! last year i helped a friend changing the detent spring of his rocket. ..........Big succes! Yesterday i tried to help another rocket friend with the same problem. This friend was able to drive to my house with frequently falling out of...
  7. dandiego

    Thoughts on R3 riders and the $&@! Detent Spring

    I’m on the North Carolina/Virginia border and just hit 58k miles. That’s all for now....
  8. Bob spruce

    Clutch install

    05 Roadster gray motor I replaced the dent spring. I received a mtc clutch kit. When I put the clutch outer drum in. The drum seems back far enough. But the two gears are not completely meshed. The outer one seems to be overhanging the primary gear. The book says to go thru a hole and preload...
  9. Bob spruce

    05 Rocket silver detent spring

    I am replacing the clutch. So decided to replace detent spring. How do you replace it. She is very hard to get too. Or do you unscrew the Allen bolt and does the whole unit pull out to get to it? That would be easier, If I don't.
  10. cskals

    Changing the clutch, anything else now I'm there?

    Hi all. About to change the clutch, and thinking now that I'm in there, is there anything else I should change while I'm at it? Bin reading a lot about a detent spring, is it only if it's broken, or are the new ones upgraded in som way? Also a wheel, should be upgraded with a bearing, mine has...