4th gear

  1. Chariot

    Jumping out of 4th gear - Gearbox rebuild

    Many thanks to the guy who pointed me at Carl Inkley at Just Rockets , what a star. My 2017 Rocket3 trike started jumping out of 4th gear. Managed to get the summer out of it but by autumn was looking to get the gearbox overhauled. In October I sent the trike down to Paul at Paul Lumley...
  2. Canister

    Clutch slippage/4th gear issues

    I bought this bike back in May and have put almost 5000 miles on it and when I changed the oil I put high milage car oil in it about 2k miles ago I've changed the oil with mobile 1 racing 4t multiple times since then and my oil is still turning grey. When the barnett clutch was put in there were...