1. Jagster

    Progressive Spring - rear shock modification - is it any good?

    I came across this listing on ebay and thought ...hmm....Not massively expensive, so rather tempting. But....Is it any good? Does it solve the harsh rear end over potholes etc....? Has anyone out there fitted this kit? and if so, does it improve the ride? Hyperpro Progressive Rear Shock Spring...
  2. wacojohnnydean

    Progressive 444 shocks

    I was wondering how the Progressives perform with the 265 Carpenter Racing modification? Can you get enough adjustment to help with coming off the start when drag racing?
  3. Steve Judd

    Progressive rear shocks

    Hello all, I’m chasing some new Progressive rear shocks for my R3. Can’t locate in Australia. Part numbers I have been given don’t show up anything with Progressive for a R3. Which are 444-4213B. I’m told there are Harley shocks from Progressive that will fit a R3. Is this correct ? If so does...
  4. Steve Judd

    Progressive rear shocks

    Guys, where can I get the above black progressive rear shocks from in Aussie ? cheers Steve
  5. Progressive 444 shocks

    Hi all Im looking at replacing my stock shocks (08 Classic) Need advice on the progressive 444's . Do go for 12.5 " or 13" ? Whats the exact model number to suit my bike ?
  6. Jcjetty

    Are progressive fork springs worth the $

    I'm getting ready to put new fork seals in my 05. What's everyone's opinion about dropping in progressive springs while I'm in there? Thanks
  7. Mike188

    Progressive 444 spring rate

    Ok so I am finally going to update to the Progressive 444 13 inch rear shocks. The question is do I go for the Standard or the Heavy duty springs? I am around 110kg or 240lb then add my gear to that so 115kg or 250lb ready to ride, my better half also comes along at times. PS> I am trying to...
  8. Walking Tall

    Progressive Suspension 444 shocks and fork springs

    Has anyone on here swapped the stock shocks and fork springs for the Progressive Suspension units? Thoughts?
  9. Taurobiker

    Progressive or linear springs?

    Greetings!!! I want to mount better quality springs in the forks of my R3 Classic 2006, I want to know which is the best option and what you think about it: progressive springs or linear springs and why? I bought a couple of rear shock absorbers from YSS and I want to improve the forks too...
  10. alpental

    New Progressive 444 noises

    I just installed some brand new Progressive 444s, and as I was installing them, they were making clanking noises (see video). Is this normal?
  11. TheKid

    Progressive fronts

    Just installed the Progressive springs in the front of my 07 Standard. Really like them, seems to be smooth but stiff. Left tube is a little bent, but I think it will be ok. Replaced right tube, disc and fender. Back in January I got stuck between a Rocket and a hard spot. All is good, minor...
  12. Mad Dog

    Good price on Progressive 444’s

    This one is 1/2” longer than stock, heavy duty (250+lbs.) and black, $451.86 +free shipping. Progressive 444 Series Standard Motorcycle Shocks 13" Black (444-4221B)
  13. M.J

    Progressive Springs

    Has anyone fitted Hyperpro Progressive Front Springs in the UK ,and if so what do you think,do they make that much difference to your ride?? Thanks
  14. Kojack1970

    Progressive 444’s on Amazon for $505

    Cheapest I’ve seen at $505 for all black - Progressive Suspension 444-4233B Black 12.5" Heavy Duty 444 Series Shocks
  15. TURBO200R4

    progressive front springs with air ride

    i installed the progressive front springs and while i was installing them i drilled and tapped the top cap for a Schrader valve. all went well i then put 20 lbs of air in it to bring the forks to the top. when i set on the bike it compresses just a little. the forks has held the air for about a...
  16. Kojack1970

    Progressive fork spring install general question

    For the fork spring replacement going to progressives, is is necessary to fully remove the forks from yokes or can the spring swap be done with the fork tubes still in the yokes? I know many other bikes can be done with the tubes still in the yokes, but it looks to me like that approach on the...
  17. Mike188

    Progressive Fork Springs

    Well one of the fork seals is leaking and since the beast is due for a service I thought, might as well get Progressive Springs for the front at the same time. They arrived in record time (Thanks J&P Cycles, purchased on Tue 26/03 and arrived Mon 01/04, so less than a week USA to Oz). Question...
  18. Journeyman

    Progressive Fork Springs

    Update: manufacturing glitch. I talked with someone at Progressive and after seeing my photos, they seemed pretty sure that's what happened. ***Read on if you are replacing springs or servicing forks. I hope others will have better luck. I couldn't wait for a replacement, so I put the original...
  19. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Progressive 440 Failed ... They won,t fix it.

    My right Progressive 440 is leaking (weeping) fluid and gathering dirt and dust all over the lower end of it. The great part is Progressive won't fix it unless I have a receipt from purchase. Well I didn't buy them. They came on another bike I bought. They said they no longer support the 440...
  20. BillB

    Touring progressive fork spring upgrade

    Decided as I can't ride for a month or so while I recover from surgery, might as well do some upgrades. Got out the manual and read through it and went what the heck??? Looked at the bike and lo and behold, no drain plugs on the lower sliders. Could understand that in a Roadster or such with...