1. Mad Dog

    Good price on Progressive 444’s

    This one is 1/2” longer than stock, heavy duty (250+lbs.) and black, $451.86 +free shipping. Progressive 444 Series Standard Motorcycle Shocks 13" Black (444-4221B)
  2. Mighty Mouse

    A question about the GT and R out the door price.

    For you guys that have purchased the new Rocket. Did you have to pay full price or did you get a deal? I know it's in demand but will the dealers bend any on the $21,900 and the $22,600 price tag. Maybe throw in an aftermarket accessory or something. I'm sure taxes vary (especially here in high...
  3. Ishrub

    HEL braided SS Race Brake lines if your price conscious but color blind!

    I think I know someone who really wants these! ;):p:D PINK Rocket III 2004-2010 RACE SETUP HEL BRAIDED BRAKE LINES...
  4. ebg338

    09 R3T Price Opinions Please

    Hello all, As the title says I'm looking at an 09 R3T 2 tone. Appears to be in excellent condition, under 6,000 miles. Assume tires are original so will need replacement given the age. Curious about opinions on what would be a reasonable price to pay. I've reviewed NADA ($6,800 ave retail...
  5. sonny

    2018 Roadsters price drop

    Had a deal that i was working out of New York city but dealer sold the bike for $12,000. Waited to long and had the rug pulled out. Stayed home today and made several offers on bikes throughout the country. To my surprise a 2017 Matt black Roadster brand new is being offered. Made cash offer and...
  6. canecorso

    Price for next gen Rocket

    I just came across this new add that’s put on for sale 2020 Triumph Rocket. They told me between $20 to $25,000 Now this add says $39,900 and price can change this is Canadian, if this is the price or more I don’t think there sell much? Almost like Honda did with the Honda tune and stoped making...
  7. Roscoe

    Dyno Price Holy Crap

    So got my Rocket the way I like it except for the decel popping and banging out of the 3 into 1 pipe, went to a Dyno shop asked about having it remapped and dynoed etc etc thinking yeah maybe $300 or so....... nooooo near had a heart attack when quoted $599 for remap and tune up. Not sure if he...
  8. markc

    best price on avon tyres?

    who has the best price on avon tires?
  9. Tripps

    Price advice

    As unlikely as it seems, my obscure little town had 3 Rocket owners. One was a friend of a friend, I met him a few times and loaded a tune on his 2014 Touring for him. I think he was a member here, maybe only a lurker, as he knew I was Tripps here, His name was John is all I know. He lost his...
  10. Ishrub

    Read em and weep 2005 Triumph Accessory List UK RRP price list

    Triumph ACCESORIES 2005 Price List (Page 2 of 6)
  11. Conmore

    Approximate price to replace stator

    Hi there I’m posting this question on behalf of my next door neighbour who owns an 05 Rocket III. Last time he went on a ride it developed charging problems (battery is only 2 months old) and it has been diagnosed as a faulty stator. I was wondering if anyone with experience could give me a...
  12. Ishrub

    Great price for a basic set of shocks for the Rocket

    AU $197.00 (US$154) with Free postage from Italy SHOCK ABSORBERS REAR ADJUSTABLE YSS TRIUMPH ROCKET 2300 III ROADSTER ABS 2010 | eBay These will fit all Rockets, they have listings for earlier Rockets but all same specs as below. SHOCK ABSORBERS REAR ADJUSTABLE YSS TRIUMPH ROCKET 2300 III...
  13. germ79

    Good deal?

    Ok, I'm on a roll with posts this morning as I'm trying to make sure I know what I need to know before I buy...so thought I'd just ask you fellas about this: I'm looking at a 2014 Rocket Roadster in matte black - not at a dealer. It has all the accessories I want - Triumph bags (leather)...