1. PekkaVu

    Brake bads change

    Hi guys, has anyone already replaced the Brake Pads? If so how much was the bike driven? Km or mile.

    Front Brake Clicking Noise

    Hey all. Picked up the new ride yesterday and I noticed when moving it around in the garage a clicking noise when I release the front brake. I plan on putting it on the lift to dive deeper into the issue but from a quick look at the calipers and rotors it all looks good. Any ideas ?
  3. PekkaVu

    R3R mountig of the rear brake disc

    Hi guys, check the mounting of the rear brake disc. There is a material problem with some brake discs. There is a play in the direction of rotation of the brake disc.
  4. wsaharem

    New Rear brake bleed procedure?

    Does anyone have the new procedure for bleeding the rear brakes? The existing service manual has the old procedure. Thanks
  5. Razortip2

    Braided brake lines

    Was wondering If anyone has put braided Iines thur out ther beast, and if it did anything to slow the angry heavy bugger
  6. Rock Ape

    Rear Brake - How's it meant to feel?

    This has never been an issue to me, but so many threads on the rear brake. I come from sports bikes where the rear brakes are next to useless..... almost. Have had the R 3 for about 12 months now and they've never been an issue to me. Riding style perhaps from the past. What are your...
  7. Micksan


    I have a 2014 R3T. I just converted it to a trike. The wife rides also. Problem is that the lever setup for the T is set to far out for her hands. She has to take her hand off the handle bars to get at the levers. I have tried every source. No adjustable levers for the "T"s. Lots for the...
  8. CvSisinthehouse

    Brake reservoir leaking for a year??

    I flushed my brakes last June and and ever since the front reservoir has been leaking. I believe I overfilled it. Pretty sure it is coming from a little hole on the end- an overflow hole? Anyways, the level is near the low line now as the pic shows. I thought it would stop at the upper...
  9. Micksan

    HELP>>> Need to find adjustable ,or fixed Brake & Clutch Levers

    The stock levers are to far out from the handlebar. My wife says she can not ride until we can get them in closer. I am 6ft 3 with big hands and find it is a reach for me also. Found out the hard way that the Roadster and touring models have much different levers. Can find for Roadster but...
  10. technoguppy

    Brake Pads - 2020 R3GT / R / TFC

    Anyone know what the replacement Part Number is for: Front Brake Pads: Rear Brake Pads: Thanks in Advance. Just prepping my list for a deserved long long riding season...
  11. RockOn

    Front Brake Lever Adjustment, Touring

    There's a screw and nut mounted in the upper end of the front brake lever on the backside('08 Touring). It is screwed all the way into the lever. I assume it an an adjustment screw of some sort or maybe it presses on the plunger for the brake reservoir or the brake light switch. I can't...
  12. hnkirank76

    BLACK brake lever and clutch lever for 2018 Rocket iii

    I would to add BLACK brake lever and clutch lever for 2018 Rocket iii. Which ones are compatible ? Where can i find them in US ?
  13. Ddodge80

    Front brake?

    I have noticed that it feels like my front brake just doesn't feel like it's stopping the bike. And possibly has excessive lever travel. It don't feel spongy but i tried to bleed it anyway. No difference took it to the local bike repair shop had them bleed it. It is somewhat better now as in...
  14. Brake Light Flasher

    I had one of these on my previous bike, a '00 Bandit 1200s, just purchased another for the Rocket. It's programmable for different flashing/delays and it does get you noticed when braking. I have mine set to flash 10 times, stay on for 5 seconds, the repeat as long as I hold the brake on. You...
  15. technoguppy

    Need some R3GT/R help - Rear Brake Wires

    I recently bought a Smart Brake Module ( a nifty simple device out of Europe for my bike). It basically taps into the wires of the rear brake light, has an accelerometer in it which detects when you are slowing down via engine braking (rather than just applying front or rear brakes). I tend to...
  16. Daytonastar

    Rear brake fail

    Brake pedal went to the floor around 1500 miles. Had it bled and it’s just done the same thing at 2800 miles. Triumph just say take it back and get it bled again, but I don’t think that’s (anywhere near) good enough. Anyone else with this Issue?
  17. bebsy

    Front brake caliper assembly

    Hi I've just fitted new pistons and seals does anyone happen to know the torque specs for assembling the front brake caliper
  18. bebsy

    Front brake caliper assembly

    Just split the front calipers and fitted new pistons and Seals, but can't seem to find the torque specs for assembly anywhere, anyone got any ideas pls
  19. Mr Mike

    Rear brake line replacement

    Has anyone done this ? Replaced line and bleeding fluid/air. Part of front to mid control change. Refers to service manual. Don’t think that’s available. Line does not go to rear brake, directly because of linked system. Not willing to do this without good info. May have to go to Stealer
  20. phar2slo

    Front brake caliper 2nd hand set.

    Due to me doing a dumb thing and splitting my front calipers and losing one of the seals between the halfs I ended up buying a set of 2nd hand calipers. Now the question is that the pistons don't seem to be working correctly. These are the pads that came of the sets it looks like one side is...