1. Louballs

    New Brake Recall!

    Hey everyone, there is a new brake recall here in the US (hopefully everywhere) for the rear brake issue many of us have experienced. They are replacing the rear brake master cylinder with a new, larger one. Apparently the NHTSA started investigating this in March of 23. I complained to them in...
  2. Rear brake bleeding

    Hello, I am doing a mid-peg modification, basically fitting the 3R pegs on to a 3GT bike. It all seems pretty straightforward, however I need to break into the rear brake line, which means I will no doubt introduce air into my rear brakes. I noticed that the rear brake line proceeds from the...
  3. Azisbest

    Rear Brake Rotor

    Well I have been lucky so far with no problem with the mushy rear brake many have experienced but the rotor is loose and sloppy on the bolts and will need to be replaced. I have a new one on order and should be back to normal this week I hope. Anyone else experience this issue? I have a 2020...
  4. Mighty Mouse

    Not Happy! 3rd brake bleed required.

    So before I bought my 2020 Rocket it was on the showroom floor for around 8 months. I kept trying to lowball them and they kept declining. After 8 months they threw in the Panniers and rack and dropped the price a few cents so I bought it. I asked, after reading on this forum about rear brake...

    Whats the best brake pads for my customers bike

    My customer has a touring with our st2 supercharger conversion, he's hauling ass but can't get it stopped. We fitted brembo front callipers and its made an improvement but he still needs more stopping power. I'm thinking getting the best pads is the answer. What brand and version do you thinks...
  6. Haitchhj

    Rear brake gone.

    Looks like a regular complaint. Checked mine to see if it was in the recall group. Nothing there. Its been back to the dealership twice now. 8 hours of my life that I wont get back.
  7. bouncebrothers

    ASV BRC550 + CRC550 brake/clutch levers 2020 R

    Hi has anyone ever fitted and ASV levers? I have fitted mine to a 2020 rocket 3 R and they fit but the clutch lever is a totally different shape. It bends the clutch dip switch massively! I have spoken with ASV and they can’t help! But I have seen them fitted on other forums, I have re shaped...
  8. sancov

    rear brake bleed

    i am fitting a new rear brake switch and would like to know how easy is it to bleed the rear brake , my mechanic friend is a bit dubious about doing the brake bleed he is saying it might be easier to fit a pull switch connected to the brake pedal ?? i am not in favour of that idea
  9. sancov

    rear brake switch

    hi all, being new to a rocket tourer can anyone tell me where the rear brake switch is as when i push the brake pedal the light doesn't come on but when i pull the front brake lever the light works so i am presuming it's the switch and is it an easy job ?? thanks for the help
  10. PekkaVu

    Brake bads change

    Hi guys, has anyone already replaced the Brake Pads? If so how much was the bike driven? Km or mile.

    Front Brake Clicking Noise

    Hey all. Picked up the new ride yesterday and I noticed when moving it around in the garage a clicking noise when I release the front brake. I plan on putting it on the lift to dive deeper into the issue but from a quick look at the calipers and rotors it all looks good. Any ideas ?
  12. PekkaVu

    R3R mountig of the rear brake disc

    Hi guys, check the mounting of the rear brake disc. There is a material problem with some brake discs. There is a play in the direction of rotation of the brake disc.
  13. wsaharem

    New Rear brake bleed procedure?

    Does anyone have the new procedure for bleeding the rear brakes? The existing service manual has the old procedure. Thanks
  14. Razortip2

    Braided brake lines

    Was wondering If anyone has put braided Iines thur out ther beast, and if it did anything to slow the angry heavy bugger
  15. Rock Ape

    Rear Brake - How's it meant to feel?

    This has never been an issue to me, but so many threads on the rear brake. I come from sports bikes where the rear brakes are next to useless..... almost. Have had the R 3 for about 12 months now and they've never been an issue to me. Riding style perhaps from the past. What are your...
  16. Micksan


    I have a 2014 R3T. I just converted it to a trike. The wife rides also. Problem is that the lever setup for the T is set to far out for her hands. She has to take her hand off the handle bars to get at the levers. I have tried every source. No adjustable levers for the "T"s. Lots for the...
  17. CvSisinthehouse

    Brake reservoir leaking for a year??

    I flushed my brakes last June and and ever since the front reservoir has been leaking. I believe I overfilled it. Pretty sure it is coming from a little hole on the end- an overflow hole? Anyways, the level is near the low line now as the pic shows. I thought it would stop at the upper...
  18. Micksan

    HELP>>> Need to find adjustable ,or fixed Brake & Clutch Levers

    The stock levers are to far out from the handlebar. My wife says she can not ride until we can get them in closer. I am 6ft 3 with big hands and find it is a reach for me also. Found out the hard way that the Roadster and touring models have much different levers. Can find for Roadster but...
  19. technoguppy

    Brake Pads - 2020 R3GT / R / TFC

    Anyone know what the replacement Part Number is for: Front Brake Pads: Rear Brake Pads: Thanks in Advance. Just prepping my list for a deserved long long riding season...
  20. RockOn

    Front Brake Lever Adjustment, Touring

    There's a screw and nut mounted in the upper end of the front brake lever on the backside('08 Touring). It is screwed all the way into the lever. I assume it an an adjustment screw of some sort or maybe it presses on the plunger for the brake reservoir or the brake light switch. I can't...