1. JerseyDog

    Brake Light Flasher

    I had one of these on my previous bike, a '00 Bandit 1200s, just purchased another for the Rocket. It's programmable for different flashing/delays and it does get you noticed when braking. I have mine set to flash 10 times, stay on for 5 seconds, the repeat as long as I hold the brake on. You...
  2. technoguppy

    Need some R3GT/R help - Rear Brake Wires

    I recently bought a Smart Brake Module ( a nifty simple device out of Europe for my bike). It basically taps into the wires of the rear brake light, has an accelerometer in it which detects when you are slowing down via engine braking (rather than just applying front or rear brakes). I tend to...
  3. Daytonastar

    Rear brake fail

    Brake pedal went to the floor around 1500 miles. Had it bled and it’s just done the same thing at 2800 miles. Triumph just say take it back and get it bled again, but I don’t think that’s (anywhere near) good enough. Anyone else with this Issue?
  4. bebsy

    Front brake caliper assembly

    Hi I've just fitted new pistons and seals does anyone happen to know the torque specs for assembling the front brake caliper
  5. bebsy

    Front brake caliper assembly

    Just split the front calipers and fitted new pistons and Seals, but can't seem to find the torque specs for assembly anywhere, anyone got any ideas pls
  6. Mr Mike

    Rear brake line replacement

    Has anyone done this ? Replaced line and bleeding fluid/air. Part of front to mid control change. Refers to service manual. Don’t think that’s available. Line does not go to rear brake, directly because of linked system. Not willing to do this without good info. May have to go to Stealer
  7. phar2slo

    Front brake caliper 2nd hand set.

    Due to me doing a dumb thing and splitting my front calipers and losing one of the seals between the halfs I ended up buying a set of 2nd hand calipers. Now the question is that the pistons don't seem to be working correctly. These are the pads that came of the sets it looks like one side is...
  8. Boog

    Request advice on new brake system 2014 R3T

    Hello all ye learned masters of stopping. My first questions is: What new calipers and brake lines will fit the ABS version of the R3T (2014) without needing fabrication? Second questions: What do I need to know about doing this swap at home? I get the idea that ABS is a more...
  9. Ishrub

    HEL braided SS Race Brake lines if your price conscious but color blind!

    I think I know someone who really wants these! ;):p:D PINK Rocket III 2004-2010 RACE SETUP HEL BRAIDED BRAKE LINES...
  10. Darron1117

    Brake light wire

    Hello Rocketeers, Can you please advise where to find my brake light wires on my R3 Roadster. Is it behind one of the side covers with the seat removed? Thanks. Ride Hard!!!
  11. Ishrub

    Classic handle bar part numbers and brake lines/cables etc

    You may still be able to order and get the components and required extra length cables/lines etc to suit from Triumph dealers. For reference: HANDLEBAR KIT - CLASSIC A9758082 Handlebar Classic Kit - Triumph ROCKET III, CLASSIC & ROADSTER | Triumph ROCKET III, CLASSIC & ROADSTER Handlebar...
  12. Darron1117

    Brake pads

    Hello Rocketeers, Getting close to time to change brake pads on The Beast. What's the best pad material? Should I go with sintered or semi-sintered? I have 5500 miles on my bike, does it digest pads the fast? Any particular brand that's better than the rest? Galfer, EBC, etc. Thanks,
  13. Eric R.

    Brake bleed question

    Hi Guys, I want to change out the brake fluid on my 2015 R3T over the winter. When I had my Valkyrie, I added Speedbleeders to the front and rear brakes and they made the job very easy. I would like to put them on my Rocket. My question is, would the procedure be any different seeing as how my...
  14. Ishrub

    Supplementary brake upgrade!

  15. Ishrub

    For Sale Roadster Chromeline foot peg and brake lever Xmas bling

    I have some Chromeline foot peg and brake lever Xmas bling for your Roadster or even your R3 Standard. Triumph factory items identical in every way except rubber insert to the factory Roadster foot pegs with 'feelers' but with extra bling!;):D The stock Roadster ones are polished alloy these...
  16. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **SOLD ** Brake Pedal

    Brake Pedal from a 2005. Excellent Condition. Rubber is good too. $50 Shipped Domestically.
  17. MohamedSalah

    Front brake calipers

    Hello Rocketeers, I am writing this from my bed in the hospital with a broken bone, damaged nerve , six surgical nails holding my arm together and all I could think if is how to fix the issue with the bike and when I can ride again :) See, I had a very strange problem: my front right caliper...
  18. Darron1117

    New brake pads

    Hey my R3 brothers, How hard or easy is it to change my own front and rear brake pads on 2012 Roadster? Thanks in advance.
  19. ve1rfb

    rear brake light switch

    good evening all, still in LOVE with my 07 :) but I noticed I have no light activation with I apply my rear brake. pretty sure it's the pressure switch, and I"m wondering if there is an 'aftermarket' part that people are using, or is this pretty much a dealer only expensive part?? for right...
  20. Triple Trouble

    Ferodo HH brake pads

    Has anyone tried Ferodo Sintergrip HH pads?
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