1. Ishrub

    Harrison Billet Brake calipers and discs - Iron vs stainless and other options

    Harrison Billet race brake discs and calipers. 6-piston calipers, show polished Single: GBP 312.40 Pair: GBP 624.80 6-piston calipers, clear or black anodised Single: GBP 336.60 Pair: GBP 672.10 LEFT side, RIGHT side, Model, Type & Finish, 121257P, 121256P, T509 - ROCKET III, mini 6...
  2. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Front disc (rotor) thickness

    Hello Captains. The PDF rocket service manual shows front rotor thickness as 5mm standard and 4mm as service limit while the rotor itself has min th 4.5mm stamped on it. (Stock original rotors). My discs are ~4.8mm. I'm guessing the figure to go by is what is on the disc, so 4.5mm means they...
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