Harrison Billet Brake calipers and discs - Iron vs stainless and other options


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Harrison Billet race brake discs and calipers.

6-piston calipers, show polished
Single: GBP 312.40
Pair: GBP 624.80

6-piston calipers, clear or black anodised
Single: GBP 336.60
Pair: GBP 672.10

LEFT side, RIGHT side, Model, Type & Finish,
121257P, 121256P, T509 - ROCKET III, mini 6, POLISHED,
121257A, 121256A, T509 - ROCKET III mini 6, CLEAR ANODISED
121257B, 121256B, T509 - ROCKET III mini 6, BLACK ANODISED


Harrison Bilklet brakes.jpg

Discs and calipers made to fit over 180 models and track teams):
Harrison Billet Engineering - high performance motorcycle brakes

Discs made of 6082-T6 billet ally centers with cross-grained ductile stainless iron rotors (rust resistant nickel content but no chrome to make them 'slippery' when wet) for superb friction co-efficient like old skool cast iron discs. The rotors are turned from an 8 tonne extruded billet 'log' which produces grain running ene-to-end in the log. When the log is then sliced into discs the grain runs side to side in the disc. This allows expansion and contraction without the distortion that is released from cross-rolled plate (which most motorcycle discs are made of) which results in warping. Harrison discs can get so hot they're dark blue when they cool, but have no run-out or distortion.

Last 3 code digits for Triumph models below.
Note Rocket 3 is model T509 and are same as those used by Model T595 variants with i.e. Brembo 4 pots



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