1. buddazero

    Looking for Tail Light...

    Hey beautiful people! Need some help if at all possible. I'm looking for the Tail Light / 12V Switched Power Source", which I suspect are the same. I have the Scorpio 900 Alarm System, so far I got the positive and negative wires connected, and next I need to connect another wire to the 12V...
  2. Malcolm B

    Datatool Alarm Movement Sensor 2010 Roadster

    Hi all, is anyone aware how to reduce the sensitivity of the movement sensor...? A butterfly flaps its wings within 100 yards and the alarm goes off. I know it's the movement sensor as when I turn off the alarm it beeps one long beep followed by 3 short beeps. Is it a dealer only fix...??
  3. buddazero

    Scorpio Alarm Module Location?

    Happy Belated Easter! I've purchased the Scorpio Alarm and its coming in tomorrow. I only want it for the alarm, tilt/shock sensor and nothing else. No lights flashing or enhine cut off-I got an Oxford lock. So, for me its simple plug & play, but I need ideas on where to place the module. I...
  4. Jan Aarberg

    Disc lock alarm

    Hi! Can anyone recommend a good quality disc lock alarm that will fit a 2004 R3,- like the Abus Granit Detecto X Plus 8077 or similar? Thanks!
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