tail light

  1. markc

    Tail light bulb

    What is the bulb number that I need to use to replace the tail light bulb in my 07 classic? Thanks MarkC
  2. Plow Horse

    Changing tail light

    Tomorrow Edsel is getting a new/different tail light.
  3. Integrated Tailight?

    Hey guys, Looking for options on taking off the swing arm and putting my plate under the taillight. I was hoping for a street bike look by putting the turn signals in the taillight. Has anyone done this yet? Also, I've been following Corbin as they put out aftermarket parts for the 2020...
  4. Gary

    Tail light and indicators not working

    Hi, I have just bought 06 classic and the tail light was not working. Bought a new ignition switch as there was no power going from the ignition switch to the fuse for the tail light but this did not help so took a feed from another switched live in the fuse box. I also did not have a key fob...
  5. tripX

    tail light globe

    Ok it's 46%C I'm trying to wire up my tow behind. could someone please tell me how to change my tail light globe on my r 3. please don't tell me I have to remove to much as I'm hot and half tipped. Thanks in advance I'm going to the fridge
  6. buddazero

    Looking for Tail Light...

    Hey beautiful people! Need some help if at all possible. I'm looking for the Tail Light / 12V Switched Power Source", which I suspect are the same. I have the Scorpio 900 Alarm System, so far I got the positive and negative wires connected, and next I need to connect another wire to the 12V...
  7. vindex1963

    No tail light, no license plate light

    The rest of my lighting works fine. Replaced bulbs, removed side cover and checked the yellow/black wires and plug. Pulled the plug apart and plugged it back in. Fuse #10 is fine. (see I searched!!) I removed the small parking light bulbs from the headlight when I added the LED headlight so I...
  8. Bigjaype

    Want to Buy Wanted: Tail Light - any condition

    Anyone have an old tail light for a classic or compatible model? Doesn't matter what condition it is in as I need it more for a template and don't want to possibly destroy my original just in case my engineering doesn't work out. Happy to pay for it and associated costs for shipping, within reason.
  9. laraza

    Tail light woes

    Hoping someone can help. Tail light has stopped working, brake lights ok, checked fuse, which had blown, replaced and nothing. Cleaned bulb holder (it was clean and not corroded) but still not working.....any ideas?
  10. Dalan

    Now neither headlights or tail light work

    So, I install my "Funlove" LED lights. Go for a ride. Everything worked, but lights needed slight adjustment. Opened up tension bands, rotated lights slightly, power off. Tightened up and turned key on. Nothing. Now, no headlights or tail lights. Stock lights are 55 watts. These are plug...
  11. Morgo

    Burnt out tail light

    Leaving work this morning i noticed i had no tail light only a brake light. Took it out once i got home and replaced it with a 2057. Couldn't find any specs on the bulbs in the manual. I dont see any harm in using a bulb from Norway instead of the jap bulb that failed.
  12. Lenny

    Want to Buy Tail light

    I was doing one of my "custom" things and.......anyway looking for a tail light for my 06 standard...thanks.
  13. Wrecka

    Tail Light and Numberplate Light

    Tackled the number plate bracket mod and fitted up the rear blinkers i chose in place of the big lairy OEM ones. Rear blinkers are fitted and work great , front ones are not fitted yet as im mounting them on the stainless steel frame that mounts/holds the fly screen , i tried drilling through...
  14. mexican

    I think i just ordered the wrong tail light!!

    Found a tail light on ebay, was so happy to find it that i went ahead and order it, than when the transaction was done i went back to the add and read the whole thing, it was from an 09 bagger, i have an o5 classic!!!!:mad::mad::mad: will it fit?????
  15. motolink

    Tail light / number plate replacement

    Has anyone produced a tail light/number plate combo replacement for a Rocket. What I would like to do is replace the number plate / turn signals and tail light with one unit on the mud guard, is there such a thing out there.
  16. Rocket Scientist

    LED tail light bulb

    Anybody ever tried one of these in an R3 ?
  17. ballyono

    Extra Tail lights Lights on Tsukayu Trunk

    Hello Again, What to do with the Beast if the snow is all around?: We add some stuff on it ;). I added a Monza Fuel Cap. ( see other Thread) which looks really nice. I made some taillights on the Trunk. Stop and Taillight in one. Have l look yourself. At least I will be seen in the Dark...
  18. RatBoy

    Tail Light Electrical Gremlin... Help Wanted

    To All, I'm having a wierd issue with the running light portion of the stock brake light. The running light portion doesn't work, but it illuminates properly when the brakes are applied. I've checked the fuses, none blown. I've changed out the bulb for a new one, just purchased. I've checked...

    Corvette Tail lights for Sale Good Condition

    Texting Pad still in drivers hand. Must have been one heck of an important message.Watch yourself out there now that schools out it's a texting frenzy. I couldn't believe the amout of people i saw talking on their cell phones coming home from work tonight..scary
  20. Tail Light Wiring

    I am trying to wire up my custom lights for my 07 R3 Classic Tour. I finally got the right led flasher (GL model, not JL), and my tail light and turn signals work (without load EQ's yay). However, I cannot get the dual-element to work on my taillight. When I press the brakes it doesn't light up...