1. Karl Tyrson

    Kohl rear trunk

    Just installed the Kohl 60ltr rear trunk. But had to make many mods like removing the passenger backrest by chopping it off, and welding that ****ed kohl plate directly to the sissy bar and welded some reinforcements here and there. But it all turned out well, I think it looks pretty good. Next...
  2. FittedBuckle

    Bought my first Rocket 3!

    Hi everybody. I just purchased my first Triumph Rocket 3 today and cannot wait to start riding. It is a 2015 Rocket 3 Touring with the Phantom Black Paint Job and has around 17000 miles on it. I was wondering if anybody knew of a good trunk to mount that is good quality but wont break the bank...
  3. Jeremy


    2009 r3t This has the quick detatch backrest. Anyone have a trunk/backrest for the wife that clips in the same posts for the original quick detach so i can put it on for larger trips?
  4. Rolls-Hog

    Touring Trunk

    Petunia wanted a seat backrest, so now I have a seat backrest. This is a KTP Extra Large King Tour Pack from Nasty Hog Motorcycle Parts Co ($499) mounted on a Wompus rack. The quality of the trunk is good enough for the price and feels solid on the rack. It’s unlined and I’ll add seal stripping...
  5. Landstar

    New Boss leather trunk

    I'm quite impressed with boss bags hand made leather, hard lined this trunk was 205.00 Motorcycle Saddlebags By Boss Bags
  6. canecorso


    I wanted a single seat look but at the same time I wanted space to put some stuff so I decided to to a trunk that sits behind my single seat with roll bar. I was thinking the spoiler will have a brake light? Also I was thinking I’ll have a passenger seat that will bolt in on top with a back rest...
  7. Alex Dem

    R3T Trunk tuning

    There is couple photos of my R3T trunk. This is only base for next tuning (white stripe on the cover, lights on trunk + lights and stop-light on grill), but now I have it already, I can put my helmets into the trunk. I am happy, and I ready for long trip... )))
  8. jtanc39

    Another proud owner of Tsukayu box, fairing, and trunk

    Totally loving the my new fairing and trunk!
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Mirrors, Boots, Trunk

    I have a set of Black Triumph Teardrop mirrors new in the box off the shelf never installed. I could sell them for $115 shipped to the USA or $100 plus shipping elsewhere. SOLD AND SHIPPED. I have a pair of black Triumph Urbane Boots that are new and never worn. Still have tags on them...
  10. TriumphR3Newb

    Trunk trick

    Here is my new (to me) R3 with all the Corbin stuff on it. Te previous owner went Corbin crazy, he installed a Corbin batwing fairing, heated seat, saddlebags and of course the trunk. The trick is that the trunk is not made for the classic, only the touring as BillyIndiana pointed out. The guy...
  11. slidderhd

    For Sale H-D Premium Leather King Tour Pak with mounts for R3T.

    For sale is a Harley Premium Leather King Tour-Pak. Brackets included to mounts to R3T. I bought on eBay 4 years ago used for $1500.00. I had it mounted to triumph Rocket iii Touring bike. CMA members preferred but not required. Letting go cheap. This is the same Tour-pak that came on 2006...
  12. Bob R

    Finally got the 64 dollar trunk mounted.

    A while back I ordered a trunk from Amazon (TMS® TBOX-JK1001-K Motorcycle Luggage Tour Trunk Tail Box with Top Rack Backrest)and it sat on the shelf for a year or so. Now that I am going to have a passenger (SWMBO) for a few rides I figured I had better get it mounted. The box itself is kind of...
  13. Delaware rider

    Custom fitting Mustang trunk

    My next door neighbor has a Harley he took his Mustang trunk off of I'm going to mount it on the back of my bike its a $600 trunk and he just gave it to me, so I thought I'd try it.
  14. Loonitick

    Trunk Quick Release - Dimensions needed

    Hi all, I am intending to get one of the Viking Bags leather trunks for the R3R for next years long trips. I will also be fitting quick removable saddle bags. However, I want to be able to lock the trunk to the bike, and remove it easily. I haven't seen any quick release systems for trunks that...
  15. Elvis

    Now TMC trikes is advertising a trunk an fairing for 5/15

    AVAILABLE OPTIONS Front & Rear Billet Aluminum Wheels (available 8/2014) 17" tires Front Wheel Balancer Fender Bras with Optional Embroidery ABS Integration Kit Parking Brake Kit Trailer with Complementary Styling Trailer Hitch Assembly Trailer Wiring Harness with 6 Pin Connector Chrome Nerf...
  16. Elvis

    Motortrike- R3T with trunk and fairing 5/15?

    Has anyone besides me noticed the verbiage from Motortrike stating there will be a fairing and trunk option from them for the trike in 2015? https://www.motortrike.com/TriumphRocketTrike.aspx AVAILABLE OPTIONS Front & Rear Billet Aluminum Wheels (available 8/2014) 17" tires Front Wheel...
  17. Elvis

    Matazu DMY trunk on an R3T using the solo luggage rack

    All, I am planning a 2 week trip next summer and would like to use a detachable trunk on my solo luggage rack for the trip. I am thinking about the DMY series from Matazu with the rack 1. http://www.mutazu.com/products.php?cat_id=1&menu=DMY Trunk Series&product_id=285&s=prod.php Does...
  18. TexCav


    I've been looking for a real trunk instead of my Saddleman bag (love it) but need to carry more for camping trips. Has anyone tried these? http://www.ridebikegear.com/ktp-extra-large-motorcycle-king-tour-pak-with-large-wrap-around-backrest-large-top-rack-and-liner-p-241.html Thoughts?
  19. steelboss

    Color Matched Tsukayu Trunk

    Hi, I just got around to taking pictures of the matched Tsukayu trunk ordered from Japan. :rolleyes: Nice chrome hardware, easy to install. I ordered '52 Ford L.E.D. tail lights from E-Bay to bring it into my road spec. Really a show-stopper anywhere I am. ;) BTW...i quit the dark side and...
  20. R3T with matched Tsukayu trunk

    R3T with matched Tsukayu trunk

    Just love it. Color matched, great hardware. Timely delivery... everyone stops to take pictures wherever I am.