sissy bar

  1. B

    Wanted UK .... Back rest/pad to fit classic/roadster sissy bar.

    Hi , looking for a back rest pad to fit sissy bar on my Roadster . I am based in the west Midlands , if anyone can help drop me a line. Cheers
  2. R

    Sissy bar heighth

    Quick inquiry, for those who ride two up on a roadster, does you lady/partner prefer the low or high rear sissy bar?
  3. R

    Greetings and help requested

    Hello, I am new to the community and am about to pick up my first Rocket. It’s an ‘18 R3 Roadster, completely stock. I’m having a hard time finding a sissy bar (with pad). I’d also like to replace the stock exhaust with something much more complimentary sounding that this beast deserves. Does...
  4. phar2slo

    Visit from the owner of Thunderpipes.

    Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Graeme the new owner of Thunderpipes and Thunder handle bars. He came around to measure up for making sissy backrest and carriers as he has had some enquiries from around the world. @Tal has also phoned Graeme and I think that he will be next to get...
  5. Ishrub

    Thunderbird Leather sissy bar bags fit R3 Tourings and R3 Classics/ Roadsters

    Here fitted flat to back of an R3 Classic. That Leather bag is the small version for the Thunderbird Storm etc, and is meant for sissy bar /rack mount as used on the 'Longhaul' type rack pattern found on R3Ts, Americas and Thunderbirds, but in different widths and part numbers not all...
  6. B

    Sissy bar for $57US

    In my intro I mentioned that I had slightly nodded a Honda shadow sissy bar to work. Some one mentioned that I should post pics because the sissy bar isn't made anymore. I did it because I wasn't going to buy a $500sissy bar. I Drilled 2 holes, one in each bracket and mounted it on the stock...
  7. Ralsmith

    Want to Buy Wanted to buy Sissy Bar

    Hi guys I am in California and looking for a sissy bar for my 2011 R3 roadster. Does anyone have a factory one for sale or know of s good aftermarket one that will work. Thanks in advance
  8. Ken Attwood

    R3T Sissy Bar

    SWMBO wants the backrest pad raising around 2 inches to stop her back aching under acceleration. I have NO intention of reducing the throttle position, so need advice on raising the height of the "quick release" backrest on my 2012 R3T please.
  9. stollydriver

    Want to Buy Sissy bar

    Looking for a sissy bar - genuine complete, Anyone have one they want to sell?
  10. stollydriver

    Wanted Sissy bar

    Anyone selling an original Triumph Sissy bar assy. If so p.m me details. Cheers
  11. Timbo

    Detachable Sissy Bar

    Hi all, Quick question, will the quick release sissy bar and trims off the R3 Touring fit a Roadster? Is the frame the same between bikes? So thinking it should but would love to check in with the brain trust first before I splurge my hard earned. Part numbers - A9758067 and A9758075
  12. James Burns

    Sissy Bar side covers

    Hi All, I've just been lucky enough to purchase a used sissy bar, pad and rack. But I'm missing the side covers that suit after fitting the bar. Wondering if anyone has these laying around they'd be happy to part with (happy to exchange moneyz ;)) I've just put the original covers back on and...
  13. TXtriple

    Thunderbird Sissy Bar And Rack On A Roadster...with Pics

    So, I bought the factory sissy bar and rack for the Roadster and after getting it all mounted up I stepped back and looked at it. :( The side brackets were too wide for the sissy bar...the tubing was square (I think it's the only square parts on the bike)...and that pad was a joke. There had to...
  14. JudgeMontrose

    Want to Buy Tall R3R sissy bar, classic backrest, & luggage rack -- USA

    I've bought Mittzy's very sweet quick release system, but have run into an issue getting a tall sissy bar and large classic backrest -- the parts seem to be backordered or out of stock. If anyone has these used, or knows of somewhere in the US that I can get them, please let me know. If I can't...
  15. JudgeMontrose

    Current sissy bar / luggage rack options for '14 Roadster

    I'm looking for a medium to tall sissy bar and a luggage rack for my Roadster. I'd prefer black, but chrome is alright, as long as I don't have to replace my black enamel mudguard covers with the chrome ones the the Triumph sissy bar seems to require. Has anyone seen any good options? Is there...
  16. ArekDeBoss

    tall sissy bar

    I'm looking for tall sissy bar. Not a standard one - taller one. My missus suffers a bit during longer trips. Has anybody seen any? Preferably in Europe but not necessarily Thanks
  17. Landstar

    ** SOLD ** Triumph Roadster Sissy Bar tall

    Triumph Roadster Sissy Bar tall, never installed brand new. just the bar no pad. $50.00 plus shipping.
  18. Superfly

    Fehling Sissy Bar and Luggage Rack

    Anyone traveled with this rack, loaded up? I'm looking to do a trip this summer, min 2-3 wks and looking to have a bag on the rear seat strapped to the rack and likely a Giant Loop or Mosko Mule loop set up draped around the sissy bar, siting on the luggage rack and strapped towards the...
  19. Jason Jurgens

    Want to Buy Sissy bar pad wanted

    Does anyone have or know of a sissy bar pad that fits the Triumph sissy bar that is bigger than the standard? Alternatively, a taller sissy bar that will use the same pad? Wifey complains that the current sissy bar pad digs too low Into her back when my right hand suffers from dropped wrist...
  20. stollydriver

    Want to Buy Wanted sissy bar

    Long shot - looking for a sissy bar to fit on my Rocket Roadster 2014. Anyone selling one?
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