sissy bar

  1. speedfreak

    sissy bar installation on 07 standard

    I know this is probably crazy question but here it goes ,I purchased a short sissy bar,rack setup,to mount it do I have to change the factory chrome fender rails or something to make it compatible??? thanks in advance!! the wife and I also took a 100 mile ride today,I was really surprised of...
  2. G

    Want to Buy - Short Sissy Bar

    Hello all: I am interested in buying a "short" model sissy bar/luggage rack setup for my 06 Rocket III Classic. If anyone has one they are looking to sell, please let me know. I do have a Roadster windshield and front-end mount kit that I will consider trading if anyone is interested...
  3. R

    Tall Triumph sissy bar w/ corbin bags & seat

    I have a 2006 classic with Corbin Beetle bags & Dual tour seat, does anyone know if the Triumph OEM tall sissy bar will work with this setup? Parts dude at the Triumph dealer says no but the Corbin site says that it will but that it is a "new" feature and I'm not sure just how "new" they mean. I...
  4. fat frank

    Black Sissy Bar

    Saw a pic and now can't find it. I've got a matte blk Roadster on order and I'ld like to find a matte blk sissybar and rack for it. Does anyone know who has it? Just wondering if it was originally chrome and then painted or can I purchase one already black. Thanks in advance
  5. M

    Okay I'm stupid! RE: Recent Sissy Bar Purchase

    I was looking to purchase a Tall/Short Sissy bar "set up" and was offered a deal to buy a tall bar with pad and emblem. I assumed (ignorantly) that what were dealing with was the whole set up. So as you can probably tell my package only contained the Bar, the pad and the emblem. I was...
  6. M

    Question Tall vs Short Sissy Bar

    Can anyone do me a favor and give me the Height in inches to the top of the tall & short sissy bar pad from the top of the stock passenger seat (or similiar) give or take an inch? I am about to purchase and I'm not sure which one I want. Don't plan on doing lots of touring with passenger just...
  7. dazzybabie

    Sissy bar - Rack Question

    Hi All, I have a question abour the triuph rack for the rocket. I would like to know what sort of loading it can take and how sturdy it is. Me n the missus go to bike rallies and on our trident, we have a rack n top box. which we would load up with supplies, tent n sleeping bags. Now i have...
  8. xhdskip

    Boys, here's my new sissy bar

    I realize it ain't chrome OR powder coated yet, and I don't have the bobbed fender on it and no LED's in the rockets YET, BUT, what do y'all think so far?
  9. T

    Quick release sissy bar

    Hello all, I just bought my brand new 08 R-3. Gotta a great deal. I'm wondering if anyone know of a quick release sissy bar for my classic? Thanks, Beast
  10. BlueStreak

    Sissy bar question

    Ok, need a little help/advice here. When you go to the Triumph site and look at the accessory section at the Sissy Bar/luggage rack, I cant tell if that includes the back pad and emblem...does anyone know? Any idea how much shipping from Triumph is? Also, what looks like an identical...
  11. RTNAPL

    T-Bags (Sissy Bar Bag)

    I am looking for a bag for my Sissy Bar for extended trips, any recommendations? I have an OEM Sissy Bar and pad.
  12. Xchoppers

    Triumph Quick Release R3 Touring Sissy Bar

    Does anyone know if the new quickly removable sissy bar ( A9758067) that Triumph makes for the touring model can be installed on a standard or classic Rocket 3? I need to purchase a sissy bar for my wife but would prefer to get one that is easily removable. My dealer doesn't have a clue. If it's...
  13. rusty

    Sissy Bar Luggage Bag PART NUMBER A9528008

    Hey guys (and gals), this item is listed under the "R3 Classic" only at the Triumph site. It appears to show a sissy bar with a round bar section in lieu of the square bar style found on the '05. Will the luggage bag work with the older sissy bar back rest setup? Anyone familiar? I can't seem...

    tour tank, extended fuel tank mounted on sissy bar

    Although I want to rig up a belly or under seat tank, the easiest option is one of the tour tanks that mounts like a beer keg on the rear rack. I can use quick disconnects on the fuel line and remove it when I'm not out on the longer trips... Only thing I'm worried about is perpetual...
  15. rabtech

    Looking for detachable sissy bar.

    Is there such an item for the rocket. I used the Paladin brand on my vtx. Actually, I cant find anyone that has a sissybar setup except Triumph. Also, I am looking for the same setup for the front end. I need a switchblad quick change windshield (or somthing like) that for the rocket.
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