1. Jrocket

    rocket 3 gt seat trade

    Hey everybody, how's it going? I just purchased a rocket three GT the other day and I'm finding the seat a bit too low. I would like to see if anybody wants to trade there R seat with my GT seat. I'm thinking my legs perhaps aren't long enough for the forward pegs because the seat is a bit low...
  2. Want to trade sissy bar for r infills that replace it

    Hey everyone! Got a sissy bar that previous owner fitted and I don't need. So if anyone wants to trade for the R infills which take its place let me know. Im in UK
  3. Kit

    hi everyone.. im toying with the idea to trade my Indian for a R3

    what you think.. pit falls and gains..
  4. For Sale Up for a trade: 2014 Rocket Roadster

    Im looking to trade my 2014 rocket for panhead original or chopper anyone?
  5. Kevin frazier

    Want to Buy TRADE shocks

    I had made to order a set of ikon shocks(brass collars) black springs, 4 way damper and 3 way pre tension like on stock shocks, shock works great for me at 280lbs with a 35in inseam, I’m 6’3 and have on stock tire size touring model as in avatar. This shock is 13.5in and would fit a taller...
  6. Kevin frazier

    For Sale Trade windshield bag

    my studded for your plain, triumph bag
  7. Captain Crunch

    Want to Buy Or Trade TORs Mid Controls

    Howdy Team! I’m a recent R3 owner (Thanks Mexican!) I’ve put about 3,000 miles on it already and I’ve figured out what I do and don’t like. Namely the riding position. It’s a classic with forward controls. I’d like to purchase or trade for a set of mid controls from a roadster. It’s an ‘05. I...