1. Rocket_Rider

    Rear shocks stuck on spigots!?!

    Dear Brains trust, I have a touring model, I upgraded the shocks for Hagons which are working well, but I went to get them off the spigots to lube the splines in the shaft drive and couldnt get them off. Tried WD40 and hitting with a rubber mallet, couldnt budge them at all. The plastic/rubber...
  2. Thanks for adding me. Question about shocks,

    I’m a vertically challenged rider. I have a 2012 roadster what is the shortest shock that can be installed? I’ve noticed they have 11” pair.
  3. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Rear shocks

    hi rear shocks on my 2004 are already on the soft setting, but still feels like I've lost a kidney even over the smallest of bumps, is there an alternative pair I could bolt on it? and is it an age related issue, for me and the bike. plenty of movement in the shocks. also im after some later...
  4. Karl Tyrson

    Shocks upgrade

    After a couple of months of waiting and planning, I finally got my new YSS Z-series shocks and immediately proceeded to make the change. The Progressive Susp. Were about 6 year old but lacked maintenance entirely from former owner. So, I took the olds out, installed the fresh ones and took a...
  5. Karl Tyrson

    Rocket III shocks

    Greetings everyone. I am trying to replace my rear shocks as the ones I bought the bike with are worn out, any bump I feel it all along my spine 😂 So, I turned to progressive suspension (I carry a 412 now) to buy new shocks, BUT! There are only se 430 model on 12” (430-4234b/c) and the page says...
  6. Walking Tall

    Progressive Suspension 444 shocks and fork springs

    Has anyone on here swapped the stock shocks and fork springs for the Progressive Suspension units? Thoughts?
  7. atomsplitter

    New Shocks on the XS1100

    Tom and I replaced the shocks on the old XS1100 today. The cheap shocks I put on 5 years ago were toast. These are Progressive 430's, real shocks. Tome said the ride quality was waaaaaaaay better with the new vs. old. Can you see the difference? The first picture is origianl shocks, second...
  8. Stillserving

    YSS shocks

    From another thread: Anybody got the best place/price for these lately? Best I've still been able to find is still from WRS in italy. (originally linked by an old post by @Journeyman28778 . The price has gone down a little since then (not too much). Looks like @ $365 shipped to the US before...
  9. Nutcase76

    Best rear shocks for 2006 regardless of cost

    Looking to replace shocks on 2006 with Corbin Beetlebags. I'm 5'-10" tall and only weigh 150 lbs. Have had 2 spinal fusion surgeries and these Michigan roads just kick my ass with all the humps and bumps everywhere. Looking for the best ride I can get without all the jarring up my spine. Has...
  10. MartyCA

    Nitron shocks upgrade

    Havent fitted them yet, but I was too excited to keep it to myself. Nitron shocks custom built to 330mm (+/- 5mm). I havent seen many reports of Nitrons being fitted on a Rocket, so I guess I'll be the Guinea pig. I'll report back, hopefully in a few days, with my review. Btw...does anyone...
  11. Kevin frazier

    Want to Buy TRADE shocks

    I had made to order a set of ikon shocks(brass collars) black springs, 4 way damper and 3 way pre tension like on stock shocks, shock works great for me at 280lbs with a 35in inseam, I’m 6’3 and have on stock tire size touring model as in avatar. This shock is 13.5in and would fit a taller...
  12. buddazero

    New Rear Shock suggestions

    Hey everyone-happy new year (is it too late to say that now...)! So far ive been riding the rocket iii roadster close to a year, its such an amazing machine. Even though its amazing, i feel every single bump on the road from time to time. Granted i was 378 lbs when i got, i lost 54 pounds and...
  13. Mikethepie

    yss shocks arrived

    So, the new shocks have arrived, quick question, can I fit them one at a time without having to put a jack under the bike (I don't have one as yet) whilst its on the side stand, or will this end in tears?
  14. Journeyman28778

    New YSS Shocks - Sharing Deal Information $375

    My back started getting the message at just over 30,000 miles from my '11 Roadster. It's time to get new shocks! I put together a list of options: Hagon, Progressive, Icon, Wilber (ouch!), and YSS. I searched for deals and found some Progressive 444s on Amazon that were open box for about half...
  15. vocaldog

    For Sale Trade HD Progessive 440s for comparable

    I recently lost weight and my Progressive 440 Shocks with HEavy Dity springs are too stiff. Will trade for standard 440 springs or comparable shocks.
  16. Doce

    For Sale Stock Shocks

    I have the standard stock Shocks for a Roadster. Only about 8 miles on them. I'm short so had new ones put on when I got the bike. Make me an offer, and you pay shipping.
  17. ** SOLD ** Hagon nitro rear shocks

  18. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Progressive Shocks Leaking - No Rebuild Available

    My right side Progressive 440 has begun to leak a little fluid. Not running, but sweating enough to gather dust. Performance has begun for fade. I called Progressive and they said they won't repair non warranty shocks even for a fee because they have stopped production of the 440 and only...
  19. Mike188

    New Rear Shocks

    Ok, so I am thinking/finally getting around to changing the rear shocks and front springs. Front springs are easy, they will be replaced with progressive and 7 weight oil. Rear shocks? I am leaning towards the Progressive 444 13 inch Heavy Duty. Opions? I mainly do solo but Linda (wife) goes...
  20. laraza


    Guys, have posted this in classifieds but, if nobody minds, thought I might get a better response here. The shocks on my classic are truly terrible, which I think is a common complaint. I need to do something about it but cannot afford new replacements yet. As I understand it, the shocks from...
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