forward controls

  1. ExtremeAntics

    Forward Controls

    Just purchased the black Forward Foot Peg Controls for my R, didn’t realize that they also come with a full set of black powder coated heat shields for the exhaust headers and the heat shield near the right foot peg. This made me notice that the header heat shields are now different between the...
  2. Tim Forrest

    Rocket forward controls

    Hi,,ive just put my roadster back to standard pegs,which I way prefer,,so I have a full set of Triumph Roadster forward controls,,in good condition,,looking for 200 the lot,,can send at cost,,Tim
  3. Darron1117

    Forward controls

    Hey guy's, I have a 2012 Roadster. Does anyone make forward controls? Was a cruiser guy and was used to feet forward and lower. If so, how effective are the on this bike? Thanks,
  4. davidr2023

    **SOLD** Fc17 forward controls

    Fc17 forward controls for roadster stronger version 300 plus postage
  5. germ79

    Forward controls, crash bars, stock pegs...

    Hey, fellas! So my R3R came with the FC17 forward controls. I like them ok (they are all I know) but it’s slightly awkward for me to depress the brake due to the mini floorboards and all my weight is on my hind end. I’d like to add crash bars, but I can’t with the FC17 kit. With all of this...
  6. Captain Crunch

    Want to Buy Or Trade TORs Mid Controls

    Howdy Team! I’m a recent R3 owner (Thanks Mexican!) I’ve put about 3,000 miles on it already and I’ve figured out what I do and don’t like. Namely the riding position. It’s a classic with forward controls. I’d like to purchase or trade for a set of mid controls from a roadster. It’s an ‘05. I...
  7. Chris Sutherland

    Crash bars with forward controls

    I have forward controls on my rocket 3 classic. I want to install a crash bars. Does anyone know if there is a set that you'd fit with the forward controls. Thanks
  8. Walking Tall

    Forward controls vs highway pegs

    So, after I get my seat sorted on my '18 R3R, I may need to do something with the footpegs. The bike has a very cramped riding position for me (6'6", 34" inseam) as the distance between the stock seat and stock pegs is too short. As with every other bike I own, I'll have to modify the beast to...
  9. Possible safety issue with forward controls and a simple fix

  10. cbeaman22

    For Sale **SOLD**Roadster FC17 Forward Controls

    I am selling my FC17 Forward controls off my 2015 roadster. It has the SP5 shifter pedal, comfort toe peg and dually foot pegs. I believe it retailed for $420 usd. I am selling it for $200 or best offer. I'll post pictures of it as soon as I can. Pm me if interested.
  11. Fitted forward controls

  12. Forward controls

    Did Anyone here have the brandnew unfitted refined-cycle forward controls in there "watch list" (UK ebay) which is now no longer available:whitstling::D
  13. Hec4sc

    **SOLD** Forward controls

    The kit came on my 2016 Roadster with only 560 miles on it. I put the mids back on. These retail for over $350. I’m asking $175 plus shipping. FC-17 by Hec4sc posted Mar 19, 2018 at 5:51 PM Refined Cycle by Hec4sc posted Mar 19, 2018 at 5:51 PM
  14. Mudbug

    Forward Controls Installed!!

    I installed forward controls on the rocket sunday, I think they are going to work well for me! 6' 5" tall 36" inseam. Also put on my tri pouch on the windshield, Finally a place to put things.
  15. kev

    Forward controls

    there are a few examples I have seen, can anyone suggest or recomend a brand or design. I was thinking of building a set of my own using the original bottom rails that currently have the foot pegs gear lever brake level and master cylinder attached, with a few mods I am sure I can get them to do...
  16. Babarocket3newbie

    For Sale Forward controls for Roadster

    Hey Guys, So I purchased the forward controls from refined cycle. I just got around to installing them. Went for a test ride for about an hour and didn't really like them. So went back to stock. I paid $308 (with shipping) and got the optional black SP5 shifter pedal, so you wouldn't have...
  17. Im back & forward controls!

    Hello All, My name is Steve and I was a member of this forum a few years back when i had my 2005 R3. I sold it a few years ago with 44k miles on it as it was giving me some problems. Anyway, I just purchased a 2014 R3 Roadster and I have a question: Do the controls for a R3 Classic fit on...
  18. Zonechamp

    Forward Controls

    So I installed the forward controls offered by Refined Cycle and rode them about 500km over the weekend. The install was quick which took about 45min with basic sockets and wrenches. And I can also tell you the uninstall took about 20 min. Not impressed, not even a little. To me the engineering...

    New Forward Controls Finished!

    My new Forward Controls are done from They are not on the site yet but they will be availible on the website soon for anyone interested. I Believe they will be priced at $339 and up depending on options. The mounting brakets can be chrome plated at an additional charge.

    New accessories for Rocket 3 Roadster!

    I need any ideas for accessories we wish we had for the rocket 3. is making me forward controls and plans to sell a kit but he would also like to make other accesories if you have any ideas please share? Check out