highway pegs

  1. RhinoOK

    Added highway pegs to my 2020 R

    Using the mount points for the GT forward controls, I used some 1/4 by 1 1/4 steel bar to create a mount for some old Kuryakyn iso pegs. Ready for some long trips this summer.
  2. Ty webb

    Highway Pegs

    I did my first solo run on the Rocket and it was fantastic. A couple small things that I’d like to tweak. Specifically highway pegs on the engine guard. Has anyone used a specific product that’s worked well for them?
  3. PDRocket3OHIO


    Hello, I bought a 2018 Rocket 3 Matte Black from a local dealer 3 weeks ago. I LOVE it! I need help though, I am struggling to find parts since Triumph in their infinite wisdom discontinued everything, LOL! I have bought the following... Engine guards EBAY, Windshield and mounts DEALER, Bags...
  4. vzrDean1800

    Want to Buy rivco highway pegs

    anyone have a set kicking around that you would like to sell. I was gonna order some directly from them, but thought id ask here first. Thanks, Dean
  5. cw021382

    **SOLD** Genuine Triumph highway pegs and mounts

    I sold my bikes and have these left. Mint condition highway pegs and mounts. Genuine Triumph. I would like 125 US shipped in the lower 48. Would ship international but buyer would pay actual shipping charges. Would like PayPal payment please. I also have a like new Triumph windscreen with...
  6. Jeremy

    Highway pegs

    Anyone have pictures on highway pegs? Trying to gauge size of crash bars and how they would look with highway pegs. Is there a way to mount them without crash bars? 09 R3T
  7. Walking Tall

    Forward controls vs highway pegs

    So, after I get my seat sorted on my '18 R3R, I may need to do something with the footpegs. The bike has a very cramped riding position for me (6'6", 34" inseam) as the distance between the stock seat and stock pegs is too short. As with every other bike I own, I'll have to modify the beast to...
  8. Allan S

    ** SOLD ** REDUCED! Rivco Highway pegs - Fantastic Heavy Duty Chrome

    I have a Rivco luggage rack for sale. Its chrome underneath the easy to remove carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Rivco heavy chrome flange covers are in "as new" unmarked condition as are the Rivco heavy chrome highway pegs that dont slip on the engine frame bar like many others do. : Luggage rack...
  9. dave64

    Highway pegs

    Fitted the highway pegs today , thanks for the idea Mittzy .
  10. Want to Buy Wanted...front crash bars and highway pegs

    I persume the above is what i need for more relaxed motorway cruising..anyway has anyone got any for sale in the UK or further. my ride is a 05 classic. cheers guys.:)
  11. front crash bars and highway pegs

    I persume the above is what i need for more relaxed motorway cruising..anyway has anyone got any for sale
  12. instant

    For Sale (EU) Garage leftovers: OEM Gel seat, Fog lights, Highway Pegs

    Need some room for more expensive junk in my garage, so here we go: A. OEM gel seat It is in as new condition. Purchased it with my 2009 RIII as spare / unused seat. Previous owner purchased it as new but he did not liked it. I only used it couple of times: I like it a lot, but my wife does not...
  13. Old N' Grumpy


    Brand new still in the package. I paid $120.00 plus tax. Would like $95.00 plus shipping.
  14. Rich Rasmussen

    R3R Highway Pegs

    Can anyone recommend highway pegs for my 2011 Rocket 3 Roadster? Not using the crash bars.
  15. flyreels

    For Sale Front and rear crash / Dresser bars and Highway pegs and adjustable arms

    I have some other parts for sale all new never fitted all genuine Triumph and they are the newer stronger type cost $1170 will sell for prices below Triumph Adjustable Highway arms for the Pegs $100 Triumph Highway Pegs with Logo $100 Triumph Rear Dresser Bars Chrome $250 Triumph Front Dresser...
  16. Cherokee

    For Sale Highway Pegs #A9750459

    Triumph logo Highway Pegs #A9750459. Like New. Triumph cost new is $120 (Highway Pegs for Cruisers | A9750459 | Triumph Motorcycles) Asking $80 plus shipping.
  17. Snakeplisken

    Front Dresser bars and highway pegs

    Its it a good idea for highway pegs and front dresser bars on the R3 or don't bother? Thoughts?
  18. bobsyouruncle

    the opposite of highway pegs on a Roadster...

    I've never owned a cruiser before. I've had the most experience on standard type bikes. As I get better acquainted with my Roadster, I'm noticing that I'm putting my feet as far back as I can get them on the stock pegs when I'm not in the act of shifting or braking. If only I could put them a...
  19. mikewd

    Want to Buy Adjustable Highway pegs

    Please contact for condition and price.
  20. flyreels

    Want to Buy Engine bars front and highway pegs

    Hi I would like a set of engine bars, the new design 32mm ones and a set of highway pegs and mounts, so if any one in Aus has some for sale please send me a PM or email me at flyreels@hotmail.com Cheers Pete