1. Fog lamps

    Hi, looking for fog lamps with all installation hardware and switch
  2. Wayfairing Man

    R3T Fog Light Question

    All, I picked up an '08 R3T recently. The factory fog lights were disconnected at some point do to a weird battery drain/short issue. My question is: where is the harness plug and/or relay located? I saw a female two prong wire connector/lead off of the right side under the panel, a fbut I...
  3. mexican


    Don't like them, thgey do not put out enough light, i have cheap lights on all my bikes, wondering if i can use the same harness, horns installed, waiting on harness
  4. Boog

    **Found** Fog light R3T

    Update NOTE: Replacement is now found! Funny thing happened on the way to work today, my right fog light caught a rock. Does anyone have a fog light they want to party ways with?
  5. PDRocket3OHIO


    Hello, I bought a 2018 Rocket 3 Matte Black from a local dealer 3 weeks ago. I LOVE it! I need help though, I am struggling to find parts since Triumph in their infinite wisdom discontinued everything, LOL! I have bought the following... Engine guards EBAY, Windshield and mounts DEALER, Bags...
  6. Richard Browne

    R3 Tourer Fog Light replacement lenses

    For a small number of dull reasons, I need to replace one of my fog light lenses. I have a 2009 R3 Tourer with the standard Triumph fog lights. What are the options for replacements? I don't ride in the fog (at least not intentionally) but I do ride at night, so if there are lenses which give...
  7. Alex Dem

    New LED fog lamps

    HD 4.5' LED lamps fit perfectly.
  8. Wazinsun

    OEM Fog Light bulb upgrade to LED

    Hi All Looking for help and advice , I have upgraded my Head lights to LED units and want to match the Fog Lights . I am trying to track down replacement LED bulbs that will match the white LED'S rather than the oem yellowish bulbs .
  9. kingmerle

    Want to Buy Rocket touring fog lamp kit A9938085

    Headlamps need not be included. Plan on replacing with Leds
  10. Boog

    R3T fog light harness

    So I fixed the fog light issue today. I reported the harness was bad a few months ago and ordered a new one and finally went by and got it. This is the corroded unit. On close up you can see the corosion and a broken wire. As I was putting it all back together, (simple plugs) I noticed...
  11. AnthonyD

    Triumph Fog Lamp Kit

    Installed it this weekend. Didn't even bother putting the original inserts with the halogens on, went right to Amazon (Sunpie brand) LED's. I've had them on the Roadliner for a couple of years and have liked them. Also, my first commute to work on this bike today. Welcome Spring!
  12. martinrl

    LED headlights / fog lights

    Anyone have a recommendation for LED bulbs to replace the stock headlight bulbs? What about fog lights, which ones look good on the R3? I want to increase my visibility and look cool
  13. goncallf

    Fog in the manometers

    Hi guys, I'm a new owner of a Rocket, but in the first hour of riding the 2 gauges (Speedometer and RPM) start to show a little fog inside the lens. It is normal? Someone experienced the same?
  14. Barney

    For Sale Passenger backrest and rack, Fog lights, indicators.

    Hi everyone Just got my R3 and there's some bits I don't require! I have a backrest for sale it's been fitted but looks brand new to me. Looks to be a "us*outlaw" type as can be found on ebay. £100 posted to mainland U.K. Anywhere else please contact me for a price. Set of triumph fog / spot...
  15. AJ1

    Adding fog light

    I replaced the headlights with LED which are 45W each at high beam (90W total). Thinking of adding LED fog lights . Each is 18W (36W total) Would this require separate relay or can I splice the headlight wiring to add these ? Thank you .. AJ
  16. instant

    For Sale (EU) Garage leftovers: OEM Gel seat, Fog lights, Highway Pegs

    Need some room for more expensive junk in my garage, so here we go: A. OEM gel seat It is in as new condition. Purchased it with my 2009 RIII as spare / unused seat. Previous owner purchased it as new but he did not liked it. I only used it couple of times: I like it a lot, but my wife does not...
  17. Anomaly

    H3 LED bulbs

    Ok, so long story short, my H3 LED bulbs are awesome, but they're really H4 bulbs with a H3 pigtail. My father is looking for some decent H3 LED bulbs for his bike, but his fog lights don't have the extra large bucket the rocket does. Has anyone else had an success with H3 LED bulbs?