1. mexican

    Auxiliary lights, can i do this?

    Hey guys and girls, i ordered these lights and i did not realized they have hig and low beam, they say they connect deirctly to the existing bike wiring but i do not want to do that, i want to run them directly from the battery with a relay and separate harness. If i connect both beams together...
  2. Odemo

    Auxiliary socket?

    Who knows if the Rocket 3 2020 has an auxiliary socket to be able to connect some fog lights. Thank you.
  3. dustyroad

    Want to Buy Auxillary Light Visors

    Well got a bit of damage to the visors via a bird. Found the 7" and now trying to replace the smaller visors. I believe the part number is A9738068. Most likely need to be some one that does not have use for theirs. Please let me know if you desire to part with yours. Dusty
  4. Ted Gross

    For Sale Auxiliary Lamp OEM

    Used $50.00 Plus shipping. New $95.00
  5. Navigator

    Installing multiple auxiliary lights.

    I presently have Kuryakyn lamps bolted and wired into my stock turn signal bar that the previous owner had done at the Triumph dealership. It has the Triumph light switch, wiring harness and all. My intention was to to move them to mounts on the the crash bars but now I just bought the...
  6. Navigator

    Auxiliary Light Bar

    I note that some Tourings have sidelights, or spotlights as they are sometimes called. The original owner had Kuryakyn auxiliary lights installed on the turn signal bar. He was quite proud of them but as I looked closely at them I noted that they touch the windscreen so they have to go. It's...
  7. Chip

    Auxiliary wiring

    I have purchased a motorcycle trailer. I'm not sure if I'll ever use the darn thing, but I would like to wire up my 08 R3T with a 4 pin harness. Is there a location on the bike where this wiring is together? Any help will be apreciated
  8. Mike Enfinger

    LED Auxiliary Brake Light

    I want to install this LED brake light on my 2015 R3T. Can I just connect to my stock brake light wire? On the stock wiring, which is the brake light wire? Red or blue?
  9. Anomaly

    H3 LED bulbs

    Ok, so long story short, my H3 LED bulbs are awesome, but they're really H4 bulbs with a H3 pigtail. My father is looking for some decent H3 LED bulbs for his bike, but his fog lights don't have the extra large bucket the rocket does. Has anyone else had an success with H3 LED bulbs?