driving lights

  1. barbagris

    If anybody is looking for LED driving lights .....

    .... I stumbled across these the other day. There are loads all over Alibaba and Amazon. 3 inch body. So tidy sized. I would normally leap and order a set for the purposes of R&D but I am in a temporary moment of caution. This has depleted my wallet this month.
  2. PaddyO

    Want additional driving lights to come on with stock R3T driving lights

    I have a 2014 R3T. I have added some additional driving lights. They are on their own circuit with a relay. I want the relay to turn on the additional driving lights when I turn on the stock driving lights. I have found the purple wire that is the power for the stock driving lights coming out of...
  3. Anomaly

    H3 LED bulbs

    Ok, so long story short, my H3 LED bulbs are awesome, but they're really H4 bulbs with a H3 pigtail. My father is looking for some decent H3 LED bulbs for his bike, but his fog lights don't have the extra large bucket the rocket does. Has anyone else had an success with H3 LED bulbs?