1. Russ Penner

    2012 RR3 Randomly blowing ignition fuse #2

    Sure could use some advice trouble shooting fuse #2. I have blown this 15 amp fuse on back-to-back rides last week; both times after about 20 minutes of mixed street/hwy riding and both times while waiting at a signal light. After replacing the fuse, I continued the ride home for another...
  2. Haylo

    Change of main wiring harness

    Hi there folks, I am new to the community. I have a dilemma I am currently re commissioning a dormant 2094 R3 classic, problems have become very apparent 🥴 the main one is the main wiring harness it has been chopped/spliced so much so the decision by the owner was to change, simple no, the...
  3. Tripps

    Bad female plug from harness to ignition

    I see what looks like a little rectangular opening for releasing individual wires/ female connectors from plug, are those individually replaceable? Looks similar to releases for quick wire electrical outlets It the upper right in first picture, white corner wire on back.
  4. Rocketeer4life

    2014 Roadster engine/using 05 GPS harness??

    Hello all! My question is how to properly utilize the 05 GPS connection to install to the 2014 engine I am swapping with. So can the existing 2014 gps parts be used instead? Or am I looking at reusing the internal 05 spring and detent pin? Thanks a bunch for any help. Cheers
  5. bebsy

    Speedo harness

    Could someone pls tell me the purpose of making this mod it's had 3 wires cut from the block connector and added to what looks like a tps connector
  6. Jeremy

    Wire harness

    I feel like i have been clogging the forum with stupid questions lately. Sorry about that, just trying to learn this bike. What is this harness connected to nothing under the left side cover?
  7. AnthonyD

    Want to Buy Heated grips subharness (A9930168 (SUB HARNESS, HEATED GRIPS))

    For Touring. Tried to order from a couple of places but none to be found. If anyone has one they aren't using and want to unload, let me know!
  8. Main wiring harness removal

    2011 Roadster. Working on the removal of the main wiring harness that runs on the right side. It appears there is no disconnect between this harness and the two gauges. Is this really the case? Are there disconnect plugs within the gauges? Hard to imagine they are permanently attached to the...
  9. TriumphR3Newb

    Misplaced IAT sensor extention harness

    OMG, I went to install RamAir on my 07 Classic and I seem to have misplaced the effing wiring extension harness for Intake Air Temperature sensor. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement (hopefully other than from England)? I could splice wire and do a soldering job etc. but I really...
  10. Rkarlstad

    Wiring harness

    Previously I posted about a no start condition on my new 2017 Roadster (delivered in August 2017) and was offered advice as to the need for a good battery etc., all good advice. I did put in a new battery assuming the original was weak and attempted to start. Now, I have been on bikes for...
  11. Boog

    R3T fog light harness

    So I fixed the fog light issue today. I reported the harness was bad a few months ago and ordered a new one and finally went by and got it. This is the corroded unit. On close up you can see the corosion and a broken wire. As I was putting it all back together, (simple plugs) I noticed...
  12. BigNorm

    Handlebar electrical harness

    Is there an electrical connection just for the handlebar wires? I was thinking of creating one if there is not. The idea is that when I internally wire the bars I would be able to remove the bars and wires as a unit.
  13. leatal

    IAT and MAP extension harness

    Anyone know where I can get an extension harness with male/female plugs for the IAT and the MAP sensors so I can simply plug into existing harness and sensors (which will be moved to into ram intake)? I know I can simply cut and splice the harness, but I prefer to leave the bike stock so I can...
  14. ricochet

    For Sale Eastern Beaver H4 Dual Relay Kit for Rocket III

    I bought this harness thinking I would need it but It's still in the bag brand new, never opened... Looking to get $75 for it as its still brand new. Contact me!
  15. Manic_Mechanic

    For Sale 05 frame, front end, bevel box, throttle bodies and wiring harness

    $1500 takes it all. No wheels. Also have a dented gas tank with pump. jimmy.d717@gmil.com Any reasonable offers?
  16. adding relay to headlight harness confusion

    Ok guys. Looking at the EB kit and also looking at the diy kit on here. Where are guys getting factory connectors and terminals. I want to make a new one from scratch and be able to make it quickly plug and play.
  17. Need help with wiring harness

    i was getting ready to install DeCousse's ignition bypass and looked at the wiring and found four connectors not connected to anything. Does anyone else have this? 2008 rocket classic. Thanks
  18. Dawg68

    Scorpio I-900 Triumph Factory Harness Kit

    good day all; For those of you who have experience installing the Scorpio alarm system. I purchased the factory harness kit in order to hopefully make the install easier. I'm assuming it simply plugs into the existing alarm harness? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. I was...
  19. HansO

    Home Made EB headlight relay harness

    Sorry been a a few weeks since saying I was going to do this but here is a pictorial with some instructions bare with me as I will probably need to do some editing Firstly the basic ingredients For those more skilled please be patient I am doing this so any body with even basic skills can do it...
  20. HansO

    Relay Harness, Ignition bypass for Headlights

    I just post this elsewhere but thought it might be good to put separately in its own Thread and by the way I do not feel that Triumphs bandaid solution to this issue really solves it, I am sure there may be some that disagree but time will tell when guys start complaining of the Hi-Low beam...