1. crj0007

    GPS wire routing

    Hi all I need to route a gps cable from the handlebars to the battery. I want to try to do it without lifting the tank. Has anyone been successful with this and if so how and where did you route the wire? Just got a new to me Rocket 3R. Traded my ZZR 1400. Not had much of a chance to ride it...
  2. FittedBuckle

    Wiring Issue

    Hey guys. Yesterday My dad and I mounted an MTX Road Thunder sound bar to my rocket and everything went great except for a bump at the end. Whenever I had the gas tank up we popped a wire out of place and can't seem to figure out where it end up. I can say that the wire is flat like a casbud...
  3. Darron1117

    Brake light wire

    Hello Rocketeers, Can you please advise where to find my brake light wires on my R3 Roadster. Is it behind one of the side covers with the seat removed? Thanks. Ride Hard!!!
  4. nolton

    Does anyone have a wire diagram for the storm

    Trying to install led mirrors and need the left and right wire color and a keyed on power wire.
  5. leatal

    Regulator/rectifier extension wire?

    Looking to make an extension wiring harness so I can mount the series R/R under the bike to the left of the starter. Cannot find a Furukawa QLW .250” male connector (don't want to chop the OEM wiring). Anyone know where I can source the connectors? If not available, maybe buy a cheap Chinese...
  6. Jeremy

    Wire harness

    I feel like i have been clogging the forum with stupid questions lately. Sorry about that, just trying to learn this bike. What is this harness connected to nothing under the left side cover?
  7. buddazero

    Loose Tube?

    Hey, So Spring is finally coming to a start, and I rode all weekend. By accident I dropped my screw driver and it rolled underneath the bike. When it did, I saw this loose tube, can't seem to figure out the purpose of it. I must have rode with it like that, everything was fine. Any idea what...
  8. aprillakilla

    Tachometer - what colour wire drives it ?????

    hi there i've think i've got the wire , B\Y( black\yellow) that excites the speedo but cant see from the drawing which 1 excites the tachometer. the reason for my needing these is i've got an Acumen gear indicator that i'm about to fit, but alas i need the 2 wires mentioned. i should have no...
  9. cskals

    Speedo/tachometer problem, resets after every drive.

    Hi all. I changed my clutch last week, and ever since, my tripcounter resets every time I turn of the bike. Also, the Tachometer and all the lights on it, doesn't work. The backlight is on, but the indicator lights and so forth are not working. I assume that when I disconnected the fan I must...