1. CrzystghndKC

    Tach failure

    Turn key on everything is as it should be with all gauges. Start the bike and the tach just lays there. All lights working Checked for codes found none Ran tach test all good Would key switch cause this? 05 with 26K on it. I haven't seen a failure written up where everything seems fine but is...
  2. Kennydg

    GT Redline

    I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything on this. My GT is showing a redline of 6500 on the tach. I'm still in the break in period so not attempting to get anywhere near this but everything I've read says the redline for these is supposed to be 7000. Does that change after 600...
  3. ozrider

    Want to Buy All Sorted..... Roadster speedo/tacho parts

    Bit of a long shot but I am looking for the back covers including parts #9&10 as well as the plastic mount #3 for Roadster 2010 and up for a project. Thanks
  4. 05 RIII Classic tachometer won't work...

    Hello everyone, I have a problem about my 05 Rocket III tachometer. when I turn on the ignition, indicator in tach will flash but only once and the needle won't even move. what happen??? I check the gauge itself it works fine but one yellow wire in instrument harness is poor but I didn't found...
  5. aprillakilla

    Tachometer - what colour wire drives it ?????

    hi there i've think i've got the wire , B\Y( black\yellow) that excites the speedo but cant see from the drawing which 1 excites the tachometer. the reason for my needing these is i've got an Acumen gear indicator that i'm about to fit, but alas i need the 2 wires mentioned. i should have no...
  6. cskals

    Speedo/tachometer problem, resets after every drive.

    Hi all. I changed my clutch last week, and ever since, my tripcounter resets every time I turn of the bike. Also, the Tachometer and all the lights on it, doesn't work. The backlight is on, but the indicator lights and so forth are not working. I assume that when I disconnected the fan I must...