1. Jay

    Evotech Performance Phone or GPS Mount?

    I know a couple rocketeers have purchased and installed the Evotech Performance (EP) Tail Tidy. I am wondering if anyone has bought and installed the EP accessory mount for GPS or Quadlock phone case? It attaches to the underside of the TFT. I have half a mind to buy and install that to use in...
  2. Protonhound

    Got my GPS Mount

    GPS mount is installed and now comes the fun part, threading the cable through everything and and under the tank. But thanks to @Journeyman 's detailed posts and photos that task does not seem nearly as bad as I first anticipated. I finally have an excuse to use my endoscope. 😁
  3. Cushman

    Speedometer guit

    Hello all, my speedometer decided to quit so I bought a GPS one and found a nice chrome holder for it works good but is hard to see in day light. light is not quit bright enough. Also chrome wrapped my front forks. Thanks Cushman,
  4. crj0007

    GPS wire routing

    Hi all I need to route a gps cable from the handlebars to the battery. I want to try to do it without lifting the tank. Has anyone been successful with this and if so how and where did you route the wire? Just got a new to me Rocket 3R. Traded my ZZR 1400. Not had much of a chance to ride it...
  5. mm-dmoney

    Neutral issue - Gear position sensor (GPS)

    Hi all, I've recently had an issue where my GPS will no longer detect Neutral. I removed it from the housing and am able to rotate the sensor to various gear positions, but it just jumps from 1st gear to 2nd gear without sensing Neutral. Some other forum posts talk about removing the pin (and...
  6. MonkeyMan

    Wiring GPS, Lights, and Powerlet Socket

    I posted some more pics of wiring job on 2022 Rocket GT (Did very similar a month ago on 2020 Rocket R) I posted some more pics
  7. MonkeyMan

    Wiring GPS, Lights, Powerlet

    I pulled the tank and wired the bike up w/ the above accessories. I used triumph's factory accessory outlet installed as triumph recommends at L of bike near airbox location, but chose to run my own "always on" leads to a FuzeBlock to be sure I had a steady source of power for battery charging...
  8. Rocketeer4life

    2014 Roadster engine/using 05 GPS harness??

    Hello all! My question is how to properly utilize the 05 GPS connection to install to the 2014 engine I am swapping with. So can the existing 2014 gps parts be used instead? Or am I looking at reusing the internal 05 spring and detent pin? Thanks a bunch for any help. Cheers
  9. Cable connection and routing GPS Garmin

    Quick question fellow rocketeers... does anyone has installed the Garmin zumo 396 on the R3? Any suggestions about the routing of the power cable? Anyone tried to connect it to the power Socket in the front? Is there room to hide the cables and transformer under the plate of the screen? (Mine...
  10. Hatata

    Switched Power for GPS.

    Hello everyone its your favorite non mechanically inclined friend again. I wired my ZUMO XT the other day to the battery. Which is all fine and good except for that one time I forget to remove the GPS and not plug in my bike into the tender. My question is .. is there an easy way to tap into a...
  11. maurice

    gps on 2020 rock

    I won't get my new bike until Tomorrow and the answer if probably in the manual, but how does one get gps on the cluster? Is there a download that one pays for or what? I like the clean look so don't want to add my bracket on the bars to put cell phone in. Thanks.
  12. Kurt Straumoey

    installation of GPS and utility power

    Hi I'm a new owner of 2005 R3. I want to install power for GPS and utility power. I understand it shall be hooked up via Fuse no 1. is there an easy way to hook this up? Best regards¨ Kurt
  13. R-III-R Turbo

    How To: Replace Gear Position Sensor (GPS)

    **24-Apr-22 Updated with Triumph dealer technical bulletin for all Rocket III models - see post #8 (click here)** Copied my story from another site in order to help a couple of captains currently stuck - In march 2013 triumph updated the gear position sensor for a lot of its models, included...
  14. For Sale 2009 Rocket 3 Touring with Fairing and GPS

    Hey guys. I've decided to sell my 2009 R3T. It has an awesome fairing, four speakers, two little tweeters and a cd/usb/mp3/bluetooth/GPS stereo in it. Bike is stock. Oil always changed and I got new tires about 4000 miles ago. Bike has 11,500 miles on it. Asking $7,500. If interested, please...
  15. Navigator

    For Sale Garmin Zumo GPS

    This is a bit premature because I am still in Florida, returning this week so it is not quite for sale yet.. Upon returning home I will be deintalling the GPS that came with my 09 Touring. It is a 600 or 660 I believe as listed in the manual. It has a quick disconnect mount, with cover, for...
  16. Bigj1955

    For Sale Tom Tom GPS For Sale

    Hey everyone - selling off my GPS... It's a 4.3" screen Tom Tom with lifetime map upgrade. Have had it about 1.5 years and it works perfectly. Just finding I don't really use it anymore - Listed on Ebay for auction at a starting priveof $155 US. - Use TomTom RIDER V5 Motorcycle 5th Edition...
  17. Old N' Grumpy

    Anybody Using A Garmin 7" Car GPS?

    If so was wondering how it fit...was it too big...pro's and con's. Thinking about doing this as these old eyes need all the help they can get!
  18. 1K9

    Best GPS ?

    Considering installing a GPS on my R3. Would like to keep the cost in the $200 range. Is there a best choice at that price point?
  19. Tommy Boy

    Dedicated Motorcycle GPS

    I am curious to hear which GPS unit you guys think is best for on road touring?
  20. BenchracerBob

    Fit a GPS

    Triumph make a cable that will allow you to connect to 12V (via fuse #3) and earth. Fuse #3 has a uninterrupted 12V and is not dependant on the ignition key. The cable part number is A9938065 (GPS Connector kit). You will need to raise the tank to find the connector, and then remove the...