1. mm-dmoney

    Neutral issue - Gear position sensor (GPS)

    Hi all, I've recently had an issue where my GPS will no longer detect Neutral. I removed it from the housing and am able to rotate the sensor to various gear positions, but it just jumps from 1st gear to 2nd gear without sensing Neutral. Some other forum posts talk about removing the pin (and...
  2. Navigator

    False Neutral on 09 Touring

    I was to post this last night for the friend who bought my Touring and couldn't figure out why I couldn't post a new thread. Duh...Not logged in which I discovered this morning. Cam is working long hours so I said I'd make the query. In any event, Cam has had a recurring false neutral light...
  3. Steel

    No Neutral Light

    Went for a ride with a friend. Her 2014 TBird had no neutral light, would die with the kickstand down. It ran at idle. But above idle it'll bog down. Is this just the gear position sensor, or is it more?
  4. Claviger

    Stalling when coasting in neutral, hard hot starts need throttle

    I have had this issue since brand new, and I'm not the only one: 2007 Rocket III Classic, stalling when coming to stop? Stalling when starting warm brand new R3 stalls out in traffic - YIKES! Occasional stalling coming to stop How did you fix your stalling problem? And there's a whole host...
  5. Mouth

    Neutral light always on

    I’ve got an issue that’s developed recently, the neutral light would sometimes come on/go off again when riding in any gear. When it switched on/off I’d notice a change in performance (assuming as it changes the mixture). After a couple of days it’s now permanently on. Any ideas what to be...
  6. rangerbob56

    No Neutral light

    Just happened yesterday, no neutral light displayed when the motorcycle is in neutral. It is visible during the initial start up sweep; m/c won't start with the kickstand down. I searched and found a few suggestions, ended up removing the GPS, cleaning it, replacing the o-ring, but still no...
  7. Jwjhoover

    slipping out of 2nd and 3rd into neutral

    New to Triumph 2 years ago. Pretty mechanical, but have never worked on a triumph. I am having a problem with my 2008 R3C (40000Km) slipping out of 2nd and 3rd gears into what seems like neutral. In some instances I get the neutral light, other times not. I am hoping that this can be...
  8. Jeremy

    Engine code and neutral light

    First off, I appreciate everyones help on here. I am learning so much about this new machine. I posted awhile back that I was having trouble finding neutral. The culprit was simple, the clutch cable was not in tolerance. not an issue now. Then I posted while I was on a ride that the engine...
  9. Bluebelly

    Trouble shifting from neutral to first when @ rest.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Had shifter adjusted @ first service. Helped a little but not totally. I have to roll back a little to shift. Doesn't matter if the bike is warm or cold.
  10. Beastie

    Jumping second to Neutral at max rpm

    Hi guys R3r 2012 owned since 2017, with TORS and a remap. I've trolled all over for various clues, but most concerns are false neutrals or dropping out of random gears. My issue is when I crank her open at 6.5k rpm in second it jumps into Neutral. No other gear, no false neutrals, and it only...
  11. No neutral light

    Hi all I'm a new member, Stu is my name. I have just bought a 2011 tourer and on the way home filled up the tank halfway back on a 3 hour journey, and the engine management light came on. In addition there is no neutral light. I've read that brimming the tank can cause the light coming on, and...
  12. Neutral position led light problem..

    Hello All, I have problem with my neutral led light in tachometer.. Moto: R3 classic 2007year. I just bought it and the led sometimes blink and sometimes not working.. Can anybody help me how I can check this issue? On schema I saw the white/black cable - there a must have 12v when I have...
  13. Paul Bryant

    Neutral switch actuator

    O.K. so I'm in a real fowl mood (been dealing with the local Council all week, bunch of wimps !) I have a few things to do then I'm out on the bike for some stress relief ! So keeping my cool I do all I gotta do, go to get the bike out and the flippin (I'm being nice here !:evil:) won't flippin...
  14. UtilityKnife

    Finding Neutral

    Do any of you Guys find your rocket tough to get into neutral when running? I feel like when i do get it I should get a prize.
  15. Anomaly

    Rev limit???

    So, since a tune about 2 months back my bike has been acting weird at what almost feels like a rev limit. In 1st or 2nd gear around 55mph and 65mph respectively it feels like it hits the Rev limit, the neutral light comes on, and it feels like it kicks down a gear position 1->N or 2->1. A first...