1. Al Burdon

    Getting More Ground clearance

    Well since fitting the sidecar I have had to be a little more cautious on uneven ground. Especially potholes as rapid breaking prior to obstacle would cause the beast to dive and reducing ground clearance even more. The fitted bash plate has a few decent gouges in it. The outfit has a total of...
  2. atlsrt44

    Lifted the front end of ground this morning.

    Heading to work this morning and twisted the throttle in 2nd gear and lifted off. Sure it was only a little bit but I was giggling like a schoolgirl when I got to work
  3. JoseyR3Wales

    Stand yer ground We got yer 6

    A British warship got involved in a showdown with the Chinese military in the South China Sea
  4. Rkarlstad

    Wiring harness

    Previously I posted about a no start condition on my new 2017 Roadster (delivered in August 2017) and was offered advice as to the need for a good battery etc., all good advice. I did put in a new battery assuming the original was weak and attempted to start. Now, I have been on bikes for...