1. Pauls999

    What type of electrical connectors are used on the Rocket 3r

    I'm just putting on a tail tidy to my Rocket 3r but I have a little issue. The existing wiring loom for the stock tail lights and indicators is too long for the new position for the indicators under the seat and then too short to reach the number plate on the rear hub. So the easiest and tidiest...
  2. azmerlin

    Electrical ports ???

    Hi, Just had my 2016 delivered yesterday and don't even have insurance yet, but I wanted to start playing with it so my questions for now are; 1. If I got a genuine Triumph alarm, where does it plug in? 2. I don't currently have heated grips, I want to add some, first, any recommendation, re...
  3. Son_Of_Dog

    Electrical Gremlins Part 4

    I have a new issue that I'm trying to get solved before the big RAA West trip. I think I've seen this happen with @nolton 's bike, and maybe someone will remember what the fix was. What's happening is when I have the ignition on and the killswitch off, (bike ready to start) the bike just makes...
  4. tribal

    Need Info on Fuel Pump Electrical Connector + question on discoloration

    Q. Does anyone know what an aftermarket connector would be for the fuel pump plug on the wiring harness side??? I disassembled the tank/throttle bodies to put new O-rings in the Oil tank and one of the wires broke right at the connector. I have soldered it and got the bike running (well, aside...
  5. CCjon

    Electrical Gremins

    Need some advice from someone with more Rocket electrical knowledge than I. This is a 2011 Roadster, running an auto battery and sidecar. Installed the group buy heavy duty battery cables and Power Commander V, turned on the ignition, no sweep, nothing on the gauges. Headlights high and low...
  6. Jeremy

    More electrical questions

    i hope you all are not tired of me yet. I have more issues and questions. 1. Got my new headlight. Parking light has never worked. New light has white and amber halo. I thought i would wire the white halo with low beam and amber with parking light. I played with the parking light bulb with the...
  7. heil_7134

    electrical problem

    so i was working with my bike, 06 classic few days ago and suddenly tune ecu wont detect the ecm, i tried turning the key off and on and kill switch to run and theres the usual gauge sweep but i noticed the fuel pump didnt prime, the stepper motor and secondary didnt move, when i pressed starter...
  8. Son_Of_Dog

    Electrical Gremlin Strikes Again

    Well, I've been staying up late working on the bike for two days trying to chase out this electrical gremlin. The OLED screen on the cluster is blank, but backlit, the gauges don't sweep or anything, the killswitch does nothing. Headlights come on, battery is charged, fuses are good. Bike will...
  9. Son_Of_Dog

    Blank display, No status lights, and other issues

    Well gents, it's been a trying night. Been cold or rainy or both for the last several weeks here in OK, so the bike has been living up to its name making smells in my garage every week or so. This evening, when I went to try to start it up, the display came on and showed blank. The ignition...
  10. Paul Schwalm

    R3 electrical

    I just got a 2007 rocket three a couple of weeks ago. It is now showing erratic behavior in that the speedo and tach don’t always cycle when starting. At the moment it is the speedometer only which is not working and the trip meter resets after each use. Looking for common problems in the...
  11. Massimo 69

    Major Electrical issue please help

    Hello everybody, my name is Max from italy I bought a used R3 classic 2009 with 10.000 miles in May, I used since last week only riding 1000 miles in total, no problem at all, till last week, after a stop of 15 minutes I was unable to restart the bike I pushed starter button 2 rev of the...
  12. Norman Mueller

    Electrical Blackout pushing start button???

    Hi all, became a 2005 r3 owner by accident, Neighbor sold it to me be cause his wife was up in arms about that "monster" The bike ran like a charm for the past 2000 miles - its only got 17k miles on it. Its rattles and the cam chain and valves are being done next week - if I can get it to...
  13. HIM57

    Burnt electrical connector

    Think I found why the connector wiggle is required to get ignition to come on -
  14. Location of cooling fan electrical connection

    I took my radiator and fan assembly out, and for the life of me I can’t figure out where the connector on the bike os to plug it back in. Can anyone please help.
  15. Cold start issue... Please help 05R3

    Hi all, I have posted about this issue before with no resolve. Hoping someone can help me out. Unless the outside temp is at least 80 degrees or more it will not start also has a very slow and sluggish turn over. I figured out that if the temp is less than 80 degrees I can take a space heater...
  16. Rocket_Rider

    Electrical plugs under Rocket III Touring tank

    Hello braintrust of all things rocket III touring, Im looking to wire in a beaver electronics PC-8 and have it connect straight into switched power on one of the vacant plugs under the tank - problem is I don't know which plug is which. I have attached 3 images - plugs 1, 2, and 3 - Id be...
  17. rainman

    Electrical problem

    06 classicwhen I got this one the right hand heated grip didn't work and now the left hand side of the heated grip has stopped working I checked the wiring and the plug s with a test light and ain't getting no power I have checked the fuses and they r good Would like to know what else I can...
  18. phar2slo

    Popping fuses.

    Hi all, Had bike all loaded up to head away for a few days on the beast. Two Kids at mother in-laws and wife and youngest to violin camp all I had to do was meet wife at the place set up the tent and I was free for a few days. Wife was backing out of the garage while I put a moblie phone...
  19. mr hunt

    electrical issue...not R3 related

    This is the fan resistor from my ute...it is brand new installed this morning. It worked on all 3 speeds when i tested it (4 speed fan but 4th bypasses the resistor) then clearly it shat itself where that blob of solder is. The resistor sits in the air duct and is cooled by the air passing it...
  20. Mittzy

    Brutus just died - electrical fault

    Just heading through the CBD and he just stopped while moving:( had to push it up hill to a driveway to then get it off the road. Now waiting for our local break down service to tie it home.:(:(:(:(:( I hope it’s not the stator.
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