Solved - Strange electrical issue - Indicators and wattage.


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Aug 12, 2023
'07 Riii Touring
Evening all, So, this crashed Riii of mine, nearly ready for registration plates....

One last little niggle, the indicators were very temperamental.
The Stock ones were destroyed in the crash, and hanging down by a wire....
I looked in my parts box and found a set of '02 Bonneville America front indicators that I made some brackets and they fit quite nicely.

But . . When the ignition was on, they would do one fast flash, then . . nothing.

Disconnect the front indicators - the rears did the usual fast flashing and all was well. Plug in a front and it was 30/70 they would work 'normal'
That's not good enough odds for our registration inspection... so I started chasing potential issues.

I checked the wiring, resoldering every joint and checking everything with a multimeter.
I disassembled and cleaned the indicator switch, sanded the contacts very finely and re-lubed the pivots..
I searched the Internet, I searched this forum, I searched Facebook....... - that led me to checking the Flasher relay . . . I don't have one . . this model didnt use one, but that's not bloody documented anywhere, is it? so that led me to 'something else.....'

I plugged in some LED indicators . . they worked, but still very fast flash... so, I was onto something...
I tried the broken, dangling indicator and WOW . . it worked first go - what was different?

The bulb wattage.

Stock '07/8 Riii Touring Edition uses 10w globes, the '02 America uses a 21w globe ...
So I surmise that the flasher relay is in the ECM and there was too much resistance with the 21w globes . .

Correct Globe

Wrong Globe

So, off to parts store tomorrow to grab some parallel pin 10w globes to go in the America housings and put that issue to bed!

Mostly putting this in a thread so future archaeologists dont have to do the same b******t that I have had to!
I'll also grab some resistors while I"m there so I can swap to Can-Bus compatible LEDs (Already in my drawer) - it just won't pass inspection with LED if they weren't factory fitted.

Man,what nonsense, why would the government possibly care if you had LEDs?

the gov does care if something is not working on your bike like brakes head lights ect and if you have the check engine light on.
Man,what nonsense, why would the government possibly care if you had LEDs?

Here in NSW, for a 'blue slip' - aka 'new registration' the Bike must have original equipment safety devices - indicators must have the E mark, that sort of thing - it's really picky.
They even request a weighbridge ticket if the bike hasn't been registered in a few years.

When it comes time for the annual registration, they dont care as long as they function.

I've used a set of Triumph America indicators from my parts box - so they have 'Triumph' stamped on the lens - look factory and all is well.

So, Factory looking indicators with incandescent bulbs for now, then I'll swap to LED when I've got the registration plate.