not starting

  1. Mogwai

    Keyless problem, not starting

    Hi there Last week i had the problem with my 2 week old bike that the keyless system didn't work anymore as well as the other keys. The bike only made a sound with 8 beeps and kept blinking in the dashboard. It only started working again when i took the battery out of the key and put it in...
  2. Bruzer05

    New battery; starting issues continue

    That's a YouTube link to my video of it trying to start. Previous post of mine was in 2014 soon after I had acquired the bike. Starting issue continues, even after a recent battery replacement completed by the shop. Have done several things over the years trying to get this thing running...
  3. The Fast Chef

    Ignition/Starting issue??

    Good morning Rocketeers; I've dealt with this problem for a while, and have searched for a solution on this site before, but to no avail. Perhaps its been recently solved by another, if so, please redirect me. Sure, these things sometimes won't start, I know that. Every so often, @25% of the...
  4. Hammie73

    Rocket 03 turning over but not starting

    Good evening all. Just gone to lay the bike up for winter and shes been stood outside for 2 months and no good for her. A friend kindly offered to put it in her garage for the winter. Went to start her up for the move and as usual the battery needed a boot. Charged the battery overnight and...