starting problems

  1. technoguppy

    Failed Key-Fob ended 7500km Trip short

    Our annual bike trip was supposed to take us from Toronto to Newfoundland and back. A trip estimated to be 7500km over 25 days. We were going to see some great sights, some great roads, and spend some time with my son in Halifax. On or about day 3 of the trip I get the ever popular "Key-Fob...
  2. Starting problems

    Hello All, It has been a while since I have been on this forum but I need some help. This may be as easy as "take it to the shop" but I recently moved and the closest shop is several hours away. I have a 2005 R3 with 20K miles on it and am having problems starting. This R3 has a PC5 with...
  3. pica

    Got my dealertool... and she wants to play with it....

    Just got my Dealertool OBDII thing from UK a couple days ago and before I can get the activation code and surprise my rocket and tell her that I got this thing for when I need to bleed her brakes, she said =" lets play!" and in the morning starting my ride, when I click the "start switch" I just...
  4. Bruzer05

    New battery; starting issues continue

    That's a YouTube link to my video of it trying to start. Previous post of mine was in 2014 soon after I had acquired the bike. Starting issue continues, even after a recent battery replacement completed by the shop. Have done several things over the years trying to get this thing running...
  5. RocketlllMan

    You know it starting problems

    Trying to figure out what I am doing w/ the forum. Tried to start 1 conversation about 'you know it starting problems'. Can anyone tell me if I am or am not. Ok looks like I started a convo w/ an individual, not a forum
  6. AmLit

    bad gas. Only meant for a Dutch Oven

    So I pulled my bike out in early March on an unusually warm afternoon. Hit the starter, she roared to life, I ran inside to grab a helmet, while she idled up to op temp. As I walked back out of the house (maybe 2 minutes later) I hear rough idle, coughs a few times and dies. Won’t restart. Bad...
  7. The Only Noel

    Cold starting problems

    Are these bikes normally hard to start when it's cold? I think I might need a new battery. I took her out the other day and she started right up after every stop. It's 28 degrees outside now and she doesn't want to kick off. Is this common? It does seem like a tiny battery for this massive engine.
  8. Help

    Ive never had a problem with my rocket 3 before other than a flat tyre due to screws in the ride line, but this morning I tried to start my rocket 3 this morning, turned the key as normal and the usual cycle started everything seemed fine, the display showed I had 3 bars of fuel still. Held the...
  9. Dark_Element

    Help Needed!!!

    Hi Guys, I am new to the R3 world, still learning and would like to learn more from you guys. I own a 2010 R3T, purchased it almost 10 months ago. I don't own a car and use the motorcycle to commute daily to work and other places. I am planning to perform a regular maintenance on my...
  10. dave64

    Bike won't start

    Hey guys need some help , decided to remove pc5 and change back exhaust. Now bike won't start lights all work horn blinkers etc . Sometimes the fuel pump noise happens but nothing when starter button pressed . I do have a clicking noise from the relays on left hand side . The negative terminal...
  11. Jag

    R3T half dead!

    Need a bit of guidance! So my on again off again starting issue has come to a head. Back story: for the last 18 months I've had sporadic starting issues when bike is hot, whether from running or sitting in the hot sun. I would get the dreaded click when I hit the start button. When ever this...