1. technoguppy

    PSA - Pack your spare key

    Public Service Announcement for NEW or CURRENT R3 owners... Seems I may have been the first but not the last to fall victim to an R3 that won't start as a result of a bad FOB. In my case (may not be yours), the NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) of the electronic key FOB got corrupted...
  2. Journeyman

    The Dreaded Key FOB Out of Range

    This, finally, came up. It took multiple FOB button presses near the headlight to get her going, even after installation of a fresh battery. Many members took their bikes in for service when this happens and sensors were replaced, FOBs replaced, and other "fixes," but what I learned from others...
  3. LouisianaG3R

    Headlight rings, Bar ends, Key fob, NIT PICKS

    I have posted a few pics of my rocket and the few things I have done to it. I would like to ask anyone that might have knowledge on a few of my nit picks on this motorcycle that I LOVE. That being said I haven’t had much luck at Triumph dealerships near me and their knowledge of my bike. 1...
  4. Loueebish2

    Yet another key fob issue

    Well, I now have joined the club of key fobs not working, interesting in that I ordered a spare at time of delivery, just in case, and it still has not arrived. The only way I can start it is to use the manual method and put the fob at the sensor under the seat on the left side. Dealer is...
  5. ArekDeBoss

    Key fob battery

    I am sure I got replacement batteries with the bike but as it always happens when needed I can not find them. Do you know where can I get them and what exactly am I looking for? Thanks
  6. Jabbo

    Key Fob Ringing

    I picked up my key fob from my desk and it started ringing. It is the first time I have heard it make a noise. Is the noise a battery-low warning? Something else? Possessed?
  7. studrums

    Key Fob Not Found WHILE RIDING?

    Has anyone experienced this? I'll be on a ride and all of a sudden a warning comes up... The Fob is in my pocket... Batteries replaced (Already had that warning) but this still occasionally happens... Thoughts? Be Safe, Stu
  8. Palptine

    Key Fob - Spare Key

    Hello, I have a question: do you carry your spare key when you go out on the bike? if yes, where do they keep it?
  9. RocketGTSA

    Lost key fob

    Hi everyone. Just lost my key fob on a four lane highway because of a open jacket zipper🤦‍♂️. Anybody here had the misfortune of ordering a new one? How long did it take and how much was the damage?
  10. technoguppy

    Failed Key-Fob ended 7500km Trip short

    Our annual bike trip was supposed to take us from Toronto to Newfoundland and back. A trip estimated to be 7500km over 25 days. We were going to see some great sights, some great roads, and spend some time with my son in Halifax. On or about day 3 of the trip I get the ever popular "Key-Fob...
  11. Antek

    Key fob battery replacement

    Folks, I am reading the owner’s handbook and have removed the 1.5mm Allen screw at which point the manual says to remove the battery, however mine appears to have a secondary ring retaining it and besides depressing the battery there is no movement. What am I missing? 🤨
  12. Hi! Im a new proud owner of a Rocket 3 GT 2021. I like the ride it give me, but already having a few problems... this is why Im here!

    1st: Sometimes, the bike won’t start because it can’t find the key. When running, I often have the message “Low battery” with a key under it. I already tried to change the battery... didn’t change anything. Sometime I get the message that tells me that the key is not in reach... First time I...