1. Palptine

    Key Fob - Spare Key

    Hello, I have a question: do you carry your spare key when you go out on the bike? if yes, where do they keep it?
  2. Mike Rocket

    Spare Parts

    Just a thought. I am about to purchase a 2016 roadster but I am wondering how much longer will we be able to get spares for it if needed now they are not making it anymore. ie engine and clutch parts and bearings etc. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Chip

    Spare engine

    I was looking on Marketplace for Rockets for sale. Found a couple of Rocket 3 Touring bikes. What caught my eye was a trashed Rocket. After checking it out and talking with the guy who listed it, I've been thinking about buying the trashed Rocket. Engine is fine, no damage. Triple...
  4. Journeyman

    Touring- what spare parts to bring?

    What spare parts would you bring for the Rocket 3 if you were going on a long trip? I think (?) @warp9.9 mentioned once carrying a spare Crank Position Sensor. Just curious what you guys bring, or would bring, when taking the Rocket far, far, from the barn that baling wire and duct tape won't...
  5. BigNorm

    Does anyone have a spare heat shield?

    I was wondering if anyone who has upgraded their header would mind parting with one of the 3 upper heat shields? I'm just trying to cover where my slip on fits. Thanks. Norm
  6. BigNorm

    Does anyone have a spare roadster tank?

    Just curious if anyone knows where one could be had relatively inexpensive.
  7. Gaolbird

    2011 R3R spare keys - any interest?

    I have 2 brand new keys for a 2011 R3R. Key number 2170. Not sure how triumph works there keys but I have them if interested.
  8. Dawg68

    Stocking Spare Parts

    Good day all, Just looking to compile a list of spare parts you would recommend based on your experience with respect to past issues. I plan on keeping my rockets for quite some time and am now focusing on stocking a few of the parts that fail such as water pump, decent spring, valve cover...
  9. cdlamph

    Someone has to know how to get a blank spare key!

    So I went around to 3 different locksmiths today looking to get a copy of my '06 Classic key and no one could help me, we got close looking through a book at the last locksmith but it wasn't close enough :banghead:. I've emailed Triumph headquarters, the Triumph dealer that's closest to me, and...