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  • Good morning Norm.
    Do you know of a tuner in the Northern Nevada area for the R3R? Just recently picked up a silencer from Paul Bryant/Viking. I have a tune I got from Paul but I'm not too confident/competent with tune ECU and dont want to **** it up. Can you point me in the right direction? Any help appreciated.
    Hi Big Norm, there was a post I remember of this guy I believe that does custom wheels and big 300 tire for the back? But can't find it does it ring a bell?
    Not the guy the does the graffiti wheels , I believe this guy is in Great Britain.
    Thanks Kevin
    I don't recall seeing that Kevin but it sounds cool. I'm afraid I don't have any help for you on Air Filters either. I'm sure you will figure it out.
    Hi Norm

    Using a Saab 2.3 turbo, its impellers are as per my maths. Lots of electrics to sort too, got to do boost fuel mapping and ignition retard too. Lots of stuff like blowoff valves, wastegates and boost controll, etc. Drawing it up this weekend. Send me your email, mines will send pictures when its getting closer. Boost is good was $10K.

    In regard to your boost is good post, didn't want to put it out in general posts but am currently working on turbo charging my bike with Paul Bryant's help to build the plumbing and Torque Addict (Brent, look up turbo rocket 3 on Youtube, silver bike) whose helping with technical advice.

    I reckon were are going to pull this off for under $3K all going well.
    I don't have 3k right now but I am definitely interested. I would love to have Paul build it. Any idea what turbo you want to use? I love talking bikes and turbo so any time you have an itch let me know. Any idea what you want to use for a tuner?
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