1. Mongler07

    New Starter rebuild and new battery.... ISSUE with starting... baffles me... will not start on 1st crank attempt

    As some of you know i did a 1.4kw starter swap I also just changed out my battery to a new one as the old one was on its last legs and left me having to do a few push starts... NOW i have a unusual problem i have no idea whats going on but i assume its some relay or ECU issue? When i Go to start...
  2. Professor

    New to forum. Looking for advice

    I've been riding bikes for 56yrs now and starting to wind down but still have the bug. I Currently own a 1983 Honda V-65 Magna with 21k on it and purchased new. My question is looking to upgrade to a 2023 Triumph Rocket 3 GT. Is there any bad quirks about this bike that I should know of like...
  3. Mogwai

    Keyless problem, not starting

    Hi there Last week i had the problem with my 2 week old bike that the keyless system didn't work anymore as well as the other keys. The bike only made a sound with 8 beeps and kept blinking in the dashboard. It only started working again when i took the battery out of the key and put it in...
  4. Hello

    Hi Folks Just starting on this Journey. Have not got a R3 yet I'm looking for one lockdown in UK is slowing down searching. But hopefully by summer I will be enjoying a bike.
  5. After a decade in storage, not getting fuel. Any ideas?

    First of all, it's not the fuel that was left in it; I drained the old fuel by removing the fuel pump from the bottom of the tank, and replace it with fresh gas. It cranks fine, has good spark (it vroomed nicely when I gave it a shot of starting fluid in the airbag, but quit immediately after)...
  6. nolton

    Starting problem

    Hey friends. I know its been a long time. This issue has been going on for years and I'm fed up. Sometimes when I try to start my bike the starter just clicks. It will do it after a ride or before. I have to use a jumper cell to get it to start. I have tried 3 new batteries, starter relay and...
  7. RocketlllMan

    You know it starting problems

    Trying to figure out what I am doing w/ the forum. Tried to start 1 conversation about 'you know it starting problems'. Can anyone tell me if I am or am not. Ok looks like I started a convo w/ an individual, not a forum
  8. Ishrub

    Guy Martin's 830 HP Hayubusa UK speed record starting mile

    271 mph Guy Martin sets new UK speed record on route to 300mph!
  9. Rocketrottie

    Ignition switch is starting to fail.

    Bike bandit has the switch set up for $425. I think it was. Im zeroing on that Digital guard dawn key-less ignition set up. Have one on E bay for $279. Anyone have this?
  10. Jag

    Starting relay.

    What gives??
  11. Big boy

    ignition confusion - starting BUT

    OK here is the problem The Rocket is not starting normally. Run through the usual sequence and I get no joy when I push the starter button, all else seems to initialise as per usual. Like all experienced Rocket riders I have a new ignition set on hand and have plugged this in and it makes no...
  12. The Only Noel

    Cold starting problems

    Are these bikes normally hard to start when it's cold? I think I might need a new battery. I took her out the other day and she started right up after every stop. It's 28 degrees outside now and she doesn't want to kick off. Is this common? It does seem like a tiny battery for this massive engine.
  13. Rocketon

    A new starting issue on me

    Hadn't ridden the bike in a while. Charged the battery. At first when I turned the key the lights came on but the dash was dead. Flicked the kill switch repeatedly and the dash started to work. Pulled in the clutch lever and the dash reset with a loud click from the clutch switch. Removed the...
  14. Hammie73

    Rocket 03 turning over but not starting

    Good evening all. Just gone to lay the bike up for winter and shes been stood outside for 2 months and no good for her. A friend kindly offered to put it in her garage for the winter. Went to start her up for the move and as usual the battery needed a boot. Charged the battery overnight and...
  15. GeordieBear

    Starting problem

    I'm just looking for some advice. I'm having starting issues with my 2012 Triumph Rocket 3. When turning the key the ignition comes on and the bike goes through its electrical checks. When holding in the clutch and pressing the starter button there is a click then nothing. After resetting...
  16. ChrisACT

    Stalling when starting warm

    I had an issue with my Rocket today that I'd not experienced before. When I started it cold, it was fine. Ran perfect. Rode it about 50kms and shut it down. Walked around for a couple of hours then got back on the bike, started it and rode it another 50kms or so. So far, no issue. Went...
  17. Very strang starting issue

    So I have a 2005 Triumph rocket 3 with a strange issue. I live in Georgia, so temps are nice and warm. This is a inherited issue as the bike was passed to me from my father. I have a ambient temperature starting issue. The bike will start and run with no issue as long as the temperature is above...
  18. Bob R

    Help please, 08 R3T not starting

    Friend's bike: Backstory: Cams were removed, valves adjusted, stock intake plumbing removed and RamAir Installed. Once put back together it will not start. It has, good battery (car battery jumped in), fuel and spark. Occasional backfire while trying to start. Cam timing checked multiple...
  19. Bedifferent

    Anyone noticed this starting quirk?

    I have noticed a little starting bug. 2015 R3T around 4,500 miles, the battery is working on its 3rd year ( and you know I am anal about not letting a battery go beyond 2 years). Shame on me! Anyway, I go to start the Rocket and it cranks normal then suddenly stop dead in its tracks. Release...
  20. pomeroy

    R3T engine don't like starting in the morning!

    Problem with my 2010 R3T, (HELP) ; Clutch in, hit ignition and engine fires up. After a few minutes idle, I pull away and the engine dies after 100 yards, (dash lights on). Fire up again, and die again after a short hop. This stop start thing go on for 3 to 5 times every morning and then settle...