1. B

    Inexpensive replacement batteries?

    Looking for a replacement battery for my 2007 R3, are there any "inexpensive" options? I imagine is you get what you pay for, but, I've not been in the parts market for a few years on my R3. I think I have been putting in the YAUSA batteries, but, want to look at all alternative$, under $85. Do...
  2. leatal

    Yuasa GYZ20HL battery?

    Anyone ever use the Yuasa GYZ20HL battery? It is only a couple of bucks more than the YTX20HL-BS and has 320 CCA vz 310 CCA with higher amp hour rating 20A vs 18A? Seems to have a little more power.
  3. DEcosse

    Tidy up your battery terminals!

    Was looking for something different on EBay and just happened across this product by company called Blue Sea OK - hands up - how many of you have a bunch of accessory ring terminals stacked up on both sides of battery...
  4. Rocket Scientist

    Heavy Duty Battery Cable Install - Mittzy improved

    This past winter I bought an extraordinary set of battery cables from @Mittzy ! I finally got around to installing them. Paul said whoever installed first should make a tutorial. I must be first. So here goes. This is what I started with. First off unhook and remove the battery, and remove...
  5. Gregger

    New AntiGravity Restart Battery

    It looks like AntiGravity has a new type of battery that will keep you from accidentally discharging it. They have a feature called Restart which puts the battery to sleep before it is completely discharged keeping enough power in place to allow you to start your vehicle. A lot of automotive...
  6. technoguppy

    Battery Charging System 2020 R3 GT /R

    Well it's 2020 and my new 2020 Rocket 3 GT is downstairs in the underground parking lot of my condo, where its been since February. For context, I live in Toronto and it's 3C out today (18-APRIL). Double digit temperatures are not expected until mid-May (hoping for sooner but that's the...
  7. ps915

    2014 R3 Touring battery reinstallation

    Having successfully removed the battery and trickled charged it for 2 continuous days , I am now under confusion regarding wiring . There are two black wires along with earthing cable that connect to negative terminal and a red wire plug that connects to the positive terminal along with earthing...
  8. Rusty Bojangles

    Lithium battery Australia

    Hey everyone, been an owner for a few years now and have referred to this site a few times but only just joined. I'm from Australia and noticed much of the discussion of batteries here wasnt relevant to what's avaliable in oz. I've had ongoing issues with my batteries and it's fair to say...
  9. Mr Mike


    Disconnected battery to install harness for charger. First start sequence, noted Service wrench “service due now” Fortunately, after resetting clock and date, wrench went away. Nice to know.
  10. Camulus

    Battery? Or is it?

    Hi. went to start my bike today and whilst everything came on nothing happened when I hit the button! Tried a few more times and occasionally there was a click and the fuel pump reset itself but apart from that nothing. A couple of times there was even a half turn of the motor. The reason...
  11. ZoneIII

    Does anyone know of good battery that comes with electrolyte separate?

    Does anyone know of a good battery for a R3T that comes unfilled with the electrolyte packed separately? I've had to return two Scorpion batteries that came pre-filled. Voltage tested fine with both of them but their CCA was MUCH lower than they were rated and they could barely crank my...
  12. Rocket_Rider

    Yuasa Battery

    So.... after less than year my battery on my R3T crapped itself.... I have kept it charged well with an optimate 4 battery tender. The longest it has been left was the last 4 days... go to start bike, nothing, try to jump it with a portable jumper pack... got a slight start but just kept cutting...
  13. Navigator

    Battery powered heated motorcycle gloves

    I bought a pair of Snow Deer gloves a few weeks ago after a friend showed me his. They retail for about $150, which he paid, but I bought mine on Amazon for $130 on a Black Friday sale. As more become available I thought forum members might be interested in my impression of these gloves...

    Looking for Battery Experts

    Stock battery for the Rocket is in the neighborhood if 310CCA. Starting to see other batteries with the same dimensions and terminal +/- orientation in the 500CCA range. Can a person go with these batteries or is there some hidden risks? All are 12V, but some have more amperage to draw on if...
  15. Bob R

    11/10 - 11/23 Noco Battery Tender @ Woot

    Woot is an online shopping site that discounts a lot of different stuff. Usually I just take a quick look and move on but they are pushing a battery tender for the next few days and in the Northern climes of North America and Europe it is time to tender up for the winter. This is an exclusive...
  16. vindex1963

    (now) Negative (and Positive) battery cables (pair)

    I'm looking on Ebay for a negative battery cable to add to my 2006 Classic. The cables I see for sale are 30 inches long, is this the correct cable? 30" seems very long to go from the battery to the back of the engine by the starter. 2005-2016 Triumph Rocket III Classic Roadster Touring...
  17. Old N' Grumpy

    Battery Tender Question

    Will a battery tender charge up a completely dead battery or do I need to do something else to revive it. Battery is under a year old.
  18. leatal

    More powerful battery?

    Anyone use this? Several power sport sites sell them. Claims to have 450+ CCA. One year warranty. Other than that, not much information. WPX20L-LS AGM Motorcycle Battery | LIGHTNING START


    This morning my 2015 Rocket 3 Touring wouldn't start, the battery was real low, I haven't started the bike for 5 or 6 weeks. It was cold out this morning but later when it was warmer it started it. I rode it about two miles and the check engine light came on. I am trickle charging the battery...
  20. K

    Battery Draining

    Hi All, I replaced the ignition switch in my 2007 R3 Roadster and now if the bike sits more than 2 or 3 days it wont start because the battery is drained. I wired in the new switch wire to wire color to color. Any thoughts? Thanks
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