1. jackrotten

    New Battery

    My old battery went to **** and I'm looking for an upgrade. I'm wanting to swap to a LiFePo4 battery (I live in an always warm/hot desert). Any recommendations? What are the minimum cold cranking amps required for this bike? I've found a few that will fit but they seem to be kind of in the low...
  2. Mongler07

    New Starter rebuild and new battery.... ISSUE with starting... baffles me... will not start on 1st crank attempt

    As some of you know i did a 1.4kw starter swap I also just changed out my battery to a new one as the old one was on its last legs and left me having to do a few push starts... NOW i have a unusual problem i have no idea whats going on but i assume its some relay or ECU issue? When i Go to start...
  3. SonOfJorEl

    New battery question..

    Hi again, fellow Rocketeers! I’m planning to swap out my current battery (pic below) for a new one. I’m in Toronto, Canada and was considering going AGM or Gel this time over FLA but a friend of mine is pushing me to get Lithium. From what I’ve researched, lithium doesn’t like cold. However, if...
  4. sancov

    lithium battery

    hi everyone, i am thinking of putting a lithium battery on my R3T, is there anything i need to do to the bikes electrics or will it be o.k. or should i just put a new YTX20L-BS on ,the present battery is loosing it's charge if i don't ride the bike for a few days . thanks
  5. crj0007

    Battery Terminal Bolts

    Hi All I want to add the positive and negative wires from my satnav to the battery. It has optimizer cables on there already and when I try to put the satnav cables in place the terminal bolts are just not quite long enough. I'm going to get some slightly longer bolts. Does anyone know the exact...
  6. CvSisinthehouse

    Better battery?

    Hi everyone, apparently its already cold enough here in Maryland for my battery not to be strong enough to start my 2016 Roadster, even after being on a charger all night. The battery does fine during the warmer months. I dont mind charging the battery the night before I will ride it, but of...
  7. I did electronics measurement and battery drain calculation for rocket3R 2022 - Battery, Turn signals

    Hello All, Hope it helps someone - Stock blinkers are 2watts 12V LED Array in each blinker/turn signal so they are consuming 167Milliamps per blinker. - When bike is completely OFF and Key Fob is ON and in range then motorcycle drains battery at 80Milliamps. - When bike is completely OFF and...
  8. 2rockets

    Deka battery

    Time for a battery for my 08 R3T. ive had good luck with Deka batterys in other bikes and wonder if anyone can tell me if the Deka EXT20L will fit in the battery box of my R3T. They list the thickness at 3.56 inches which is about an eigth more than the yuasa thats in it now. the box is only...
  9. Rock Ape

    Battery won't stay working .......

    I thought I had a flat battery so I linked it up to another to start it. Started fine but as soon as I disconnected the cords from the other battery, it just stopped working. It won't charge. Original battery 2 years old. Am I missing something else it could be?
  10. Hi, Removed dead battery and thought I had four connectors on each terminal of my 2006 Triumph rocket 3. Now I see 5 - 6 Help with wiring pls!!

    Just want to be sure I don't plug into the wrong terminals..
  11. treycefus

    2006 R3 - Battery, starter, neg cable...???

    So I keep the bike on a trickle charger - or did. I have a bluetooth speaker set installed but disconnect it from the trickle charger connector when the bike sits overnight (so no draw there...). Yesterday I came out and 2 slow cranks then nothing. All lights came on and gauges reset. I...
  12. Tripps

    Nothing like a new battery

    So God bless Motobatt, DeCosse, and Power Commander. I left the Rocket outside the other night, it wasn't supposed to rain until real late morning. My wife came in and woke me up, your headlights are on. I got dressed, went out, I'm standing in the garage, it's pouring like it only can in...
  13. Bruzer05

    New battery; starting issues continue

    That's a YouTube link to my video of it trying to start. Previous post of mine was in 2014 soon after I had acquired the bike. Starting issue continues, even after a recent battery replacement completed by the shop. Have done several things over the years trying to get this thing running...
  14. Zutt

    R3 battery type and battery tender

    Hey guys, My new R3R will be arriving this week and of course given the crappy weather in NJ, it will be sitting in the garage for a while. Do the new R3 have a standard lead acid or a Lithium battery. Want to order a battery tender and wondering whether just to get the Battery Tender Jr...
  15. BillyIndiana

    Duracell Ultra Battery Recommendation

    So my original battery was giving me issues so I took it in and had it tested. Gent said it tested fine, but needed a charge. I said nope been on the battery tender the whole time. I want a new battery. I decided on the Duracell Ultra Model DURAGM-20L it seemed to have an advantage on...
  16. Stillserving

    JMP Battery Minder...anyone know this brand?

    Was looking for some small gadgets/things to put on the Christmas list for the kids and saw this: https://www.busters-accessories.co.uk/en/category/20400000000/vehicle/harley-davidson-fxlr-1340:17234/article/790241/ There are a few brands that I saw but this one from the UK keeps coming up...
  17. Inexpensive replacement batteries?

    Looking for a replacement battery for my 2007 R3, are there any "inexpensive" options? I imagine is you get what you pay for, but, I've not been in the parts market for a few years on my R3. I think I have been putting in the YAUSA batteries, but, want to look at all alternative$, under $85. Do...
  18. leatal

    Yuasa GYZ20HL battery?

    Anyone ever use the Yuasa GYZ20HL battery? It is only a couple of bucks more than the YTX20HL-BS and has 320 CCA vz 310 CCA with higher amp hour rating 20A vs 18A? Seems to have a little more power.
  19. DEcosse

    Tidy up your battery terminals!

    Was looking for something different on EBay and just happened across this product by company called Blue Sea OK - hands up - how many of you have a bunch of accessory ring terminals stacked up on both sides of battery...
  20. Rocket Scientist

    Heavy Duty Battery Cable Install - Mittzy improved

    This past winter I bought an extraordinary set of battery cables from @Mittzy ! I finally got around to installing them. Paul said whoever installed first should make a tutorial. I must be first. So here goes. This is what I started with. First off unhook and remove the battery, and remove...