turn signals

  1. Cotriple

    Speed twin turn signals

    Was wondering if anyone knows if the Speed twin turn signals are compatible with the R3R. The housing seems to be the same. They appear to be the style that the Euro rockets come with stock. Thanks
  2. buddazero

    Upgrading Turn Signals

    Hey! I was thinking of getting these turn signals. They're super bright and LED. But not sure about the install or where to mount them. Any adivce? https://www.kuryakyn.com/products/6149/kuryakyn-by-kellermann-bullet-1000-collection
  3. awaterworld

    Turn Signals on new Rocket 3 GT's

    Anyone know why the turn signals look so much bigger on US models? some US law? I like the look of the small narrow ones I see in lot of pictures, I just assume those are non US? if so any know how to get smaller ones?
  4. leatal

    LED turn signals TR2T for Rocket 3

    Has anyone in US ordered and installed these? They are from Wunderkind in Germany.
  5. Moosef1970

    2012 Roadster

    I tipped over my 2012 roadster. The good news is that I only broke my turn signal lens cover(the left front). Anyone know what OEM part number I am looking for OR have one that they want to sell? I am not sure if my ego is damaged more than the bike. Thanks, Moose
  6. hnkirank76

    Crash Bar turn signals

    I am looking to add these to my 38mm crashguard for 2018 Rocket iii. I cant seem to find anything that matches this size. All of the come 32mm or 1-1/4 inch for harley davidson. Please advise Anybody know where i can find this for my 2018rocket iii ?
  7. Integrated Tailight?

    Hey guys, Looking for options on taking off the swing arm and putting my plate under the taillight. I was hoping for a street bike look by putting the turn signals in the taillight. Has anyone done this yet? Also, I've been following Corbin as they put out aftermarket parts for the 2020...
  8. Rbaker18roadster

    Cheers from Colorado

    So I had someone hit my bike in a parking lot... I'm now looking for some parts. Need a set of black turn signals and the mounting hardware. Also need the bar that hold the gear shift lever and lever itself want black ones is this possible?