1. ZoneIII

    Scorpion batteries,, voltage and CCA

    I figured it was time to replace the original five year-old battery in my R3T, not because it was bad but simply as preventative maintenance. After reading some reviews, I decided to order a 320 CCA Scorpion battery from The battery arrived in two days from across the...
  2. warp9.9

    Found New Scorpion Battery Option

    Hey Guys
  3. Fishbein

    Scorpion Battery Issue

    I have an '08 R3Touring and bought a Scorpion battery just before winter as I always had trouble starting below maybe 52 F, despite regular use of a Battery Tender Plus. Rode straight thru winter except with precipitation below freezing. Also did a full service right before winter. Had no...
  4. 64Herald

    Scorpion battery

    I just got my scorpion battery but the post are reversed. I got the YTX20HL-BS. thats what the web site showed. Did you have to change the battery cables???
  5. JohnnyCanuck

    Scorpion i900 Alarm and PC8

    I'm just setting up the Scorpion alarm on the bike and am going to plug it into the PC8. The Scorpion has a built in 15 amp fuse. I'm just wondering what unswitched circuit I should be using on the PC8. Should I use the one I have with a 5 amp fuse or the 15 amp fuse? I've read all of the...
  6. DRMD421

    Scorpion Battery

    Read all the debate on another thread about battery preferences and decided to give the Scorpion a try as per tdragger's advice. That stock battery didnt last long. I will report back after I give it a try tomorrow... Lots of good advice on this site and it's appreciated!