1. Ishrub

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location?

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location? Yeah sounds weird to ask but my mate new to Rockets is getting a NSW roadworthy for state plate change on my R3T and says the first thing they want to know is where the ADR plate so they don't look for it for ages. He has found the chassis...
  2. Side Mount number Plate

    For those looking to customise their rocket, there is a new innovative customisation https://thorntonhundredmotorcycles.co.uk/product/triumph-rocket-3-side-mount-number-plate/
  3. Loatmead

    UK side number plate

    Hi all is there anyone here in the UK running a side number plate, if so what size and do you get any trouble with the old bill over it. Many thanks
  4. Lamonster

    Final version of my plate relocator

    This is taking a long time to get right but I'm happy now. I'm working with the admin here to become a sponsor and as soon as he turns on that feature again we be able to promote and support this board. Here's a sneak peak of what's to come.
  5. chrisw

    Swing arm blanking plate - what is under it ?

    HI Was wondering if anyone has a pic of the swing arm without the blanking plate. Its held by rivets with one rivet in the middle. Was wondering if it is free space that could be used to route air pipes for a turbo
  6. vindex1963

    No tail light, no license plate light

    The rest of my lighting works fine. Replaced bulbs, removed side cover and checked the yellow/black wires and plug. Pulled the plug apart and plugged it back in. Fuse #10 is fine. (see I searched!!) I removed the small parking light bulbs from the headlight when I added the LED headlight so I...
  7. HIM57

    Still rear light / number plate light woes

    I have detached everything except the number plate light which only has 2 wires (red and black) I have connected to the yellow and black on the bike harness side and still no number plate light (red to yellow black to black) If I go direct to the battery - light works fine. If I connect the...
  8. Shaun

    Want to Buy Number plate bracket

    After a number plate bracket from the rear light down. No indicators required just bracket.
  9. John Ward

    Number Plate light

    Ey up... can someone tell me how to remove the bulb from the number plate light? Does it come out from the back I cant really tell and don't want to break anything... the manual isn't much use either... standard rocket 3 classic o_O
  10. CrzystghndKC

    Needing to change license plate light

    Just wanting to get input on how it's accomplished and would like to go with an LED replacement.
  11. uforocket3

    Jack Be Quick R3 Lift Plate

    Ordered my Jack Be Quick from the USA and it arrived with in a week down under . Fit straight on and works an absolute treat . If anyone likes to lift there R3 I recommend getting one.
  12. goncallf

    License Plate Holder

    Hi guys, I need your help. My Rocket has a homemade license plate holder, but the way it is assemblied, compresse to much the inside fender struture. As you can see in photo below the bottom of the rear light has a gap because of that. In order to see how the OEM license plate holder is...
  13. Ishrub

    Carpenter head plate image?

    I have searched w/o success, who has posted a photo already and location of the plate please? @scot in exile , @warp9.9 , @Steel etc
  14. Ishrub

    Sump plate types and suitability?

    I picked this up as a spare for Au$90 (US$70) today. The sump plugs alone must be worth that! ;):D I presumed being a late model and black it should be fine for my '10 model Roadster. Interestingly it was cast in 2008 a couple of years earlier than the product label which would suggest an early...
  15. germ79

    Finding the perfect personalized plate...

    I’ve spent WAY too much time trying to come up with a fun/humorous/witty license plate for the new Roadster. I love plates that have a double meaning. So many are already taken here in Michigan, so I have to get creative. I can only us 5 digits. So far, I had (what I think was) my best idea...